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Camera Phones


What is a camera phone?

A camera phone lets you do much more than call your friends and family. With a camera phone you can also take and email pictures right from your cell phone. Forgot your camera? A camera phone is the simplest way to make sure your friends and family don셳 miss a thing.혻혻혻

Affordable and convenient, a camera phone gives you the freedom to share pictures instantly via email.

On vacation?
Send your friends a photo of yourself at the Grand Canyon.

Can't decide which dress to buy?

Use your camera phone to send pics of both to your friends and let them help you decide.

Want to remember a concert without carrying a camera?
Use your camera phone to capture the moment and then upload the photo to your computer when you get home.

Worried about quality? SAMSUNG camera phones have the megapixels, quality lenses, and extra storage to make sure you get great photos. 혻

Why Buy a Camera Phone from SAMSUNG?

SAMSUNG camera phones offer amazing features and the latest technology. Start snapping away with features like:

  • digital zoom
  • built-in flash
  • brightness control
  • auto-focus
  • Night Shot

And that's only the beginning. Many camera phones also have built-in video. Leave your camcorder at home, shoot videos and even view them on your camera phone's picture gallery. Take it a step further and share your videos and pictures with friends by connecting your camera phone to a TV, monitor or home theater system.

Camera phones aren't intended to replace your digital camera, but you'll definitely capture memories that you might have otherwise missed. Never miss a photo op again with a SAMSUNG camera phone.



Camera Phone (SCH-u900)

Introducing the SAMSUNG FlipShot™
(SCH-U900) camera phone

The SAMSUNG FlipShot has a rotating display so you can be sure you'll
get every shot.


  • 3.0 megapixel built-in camera
  • VZ Navigator™ for turn-by-turn directions
  • stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • TV out option for connecting to a TV, monitor or home theater system

  More on FlipShot | Go to SAMSUNG.COM

SAMSUNG Access (SGH-a827)
SAMSUNG Access (SGH-a827)


ACE (SPH-i325)
ACE SPH-i325


Glyde (SCH-u940)
Glyde (SCH-u940)



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