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Track your heart rate, get texts, emails and alerts on an ultra bright display and even change bands. Do more on the go than ever before.

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    S Health™

    Set and achieve new fitness goals, track your steps and even get real-time coaching while you’re working out. The Gear™ Fit features the world’s first curved Super AMOLED® display and a built-in heart rate monitor that responds to your touch.*

    Updates Anytime

    Gear Fit isn’t your average fitness band. Now you can view emails, texts and alerts on the world’s first curved 1.84-inch Super AMOLED® display, so you can stay updated all the time, even while you’re working out. You can also dismiss calls and alarms with a simple tap and customize your own alerts from third-party apps.

    Wear with Confidence

    Wear it wherever you go. The Gear Fit is dustproof and water-resistant, and weighs only 27 grams, so you’ll hardly notice it’s on your wrist. It was also designed to run up to three full days on a single charge.**

    Wear It Anywhere

    The Gear Fit was designed to wear not only while you’re working out, but for whatever situation you’re in, day or night. Its curved display contours comfortably to your wrist, while interchangeable bands provide you with multiple color options.


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