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Current and Upcoming TV Widgets

New TV Widgets - October 2009

Samsung has launched Video-on-Demand service through Blockbuster® and Amazon®. This exciting new service requires a software update so check the information on the bottom right side of this page for information on updating your software or go to our Software Update Quick Guide for more information.

Current Widgets

Get real-time updates, place bids, monitor your favorite items, view photos and compare prices with the press of your remote. You won’t miss a buying or selling opportunity with the eBay TV widget

Track fantasy league scores, standings, and player stats in real time while you watch the games on TV.

Keep in touch with people and share real-time updates and frequent answers while you watch TV.

Share photos with family & friends and browse the latest photos posted by the Flickr community.

You Tube
Share your favorite YouTube videos without having to gather around a computer screen.

 YAHOO! Weather
Yahoo Weather
Choose a location and get a snapshot of current weather conditions, the 5-day forecast and more.

 YAHOO! Finance
Yahoo Finance
Get stock quotes, business news, and market updates—plus fast access to your Yahoo! portfolio.

 YAHOO! News
Yahoo News
Get breaking news, headlines, and top stories from leading news sources, designed for the big screen.

 YAHOO! Video
Yahoo Video
Get a wide range of lifestyle, and entertainment video content in one place.

USA Today Sports
Get the latest sports scores, stories, and snapshots,
as the news happens from USA TODAY.

 * Some widgets require subscription or transactional purchases to activate
Getting Started, Adding Widgets and Updating Software

Getting Started
Getting Started
Step 1: You need to connect your TV to your home internet connection. Reference your user manual or our online How-To Guide on connecting your TV.

Step 2: Click on the "Internet@TV" button on your remote control or access it via the application area of your TV menu (seen on the left)

Step 3: The first time you access Internet@TV, you will be asked to accept general disclaimer terms and then you can begin the fast and easy set-up process. For simple instructions on setting up Internet@TV, go to our Set-Up Guide. On this page, you will also find a link to have a live IM chat with a Samsung rep or a phone support option if you need more help.

Adding Widgets
Widget Gallery
Once you have your TV hooked up to the internet and Internet@TV set-up, adding widgets to your gallery is very easy using the Widget Gallery.

Use the arrow buttons on your remote control to select the Widget Gallery in your dock (dock = area on the bottom of the TV screen). The Widget Gallery displays a list of available widgets and descriptions of what they offer. The widgets are grouped into "featured", "latest" or simply "all".

Once you find a widget you like, you can click on "Add widget to my profile" and it will be available in your dock. Repeat this process until your have your own customized list of widgets on your Samsung HDTV. Visit our Widget Gallery Guide for more information.

Firmware/Software Updates
Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade
Every now and then, you may need to update your software to get the latest Internet@TV features. There are three ways to update your software - automatic, internet manual and USB manual.

Starting in the middle of September, your Samsung HDTV will automatically alert you if a new version of your software is available (if you are connected to the internet). When the screen pops up on the TV, you can select "YES" to download the latest software (it will take about 10 minutes) or you can select "NO" and you won't be prompted again until the next time you turn on your TV.

If you don't want to wait for your TV to prompt you, you can manaully update your software by going to the set-up menu on your TV and selecting "By Online" (if you are connected to the internet) or you can download the latest software update on your computer, put it on your USB drive and put the USB drive into the USB slot on your HDTV. The select "By USB" in the set-up menu. To find the latest software on, click here.

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