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High Brightness

High-Brightness Displays

What it takes to take the screen outside

Many of the most compelling uses for digital signage involve the placement of screens outdoors, or indoors in highambient- light conditions, such as near a window. In both of those cases, the challenge for providing the highest-quality picture on a digital sign increases, mainly because of the ambient light.

Video Walls

Video Walls

The changing face of oversized displays

They are often the centerpiece of a tradeshow floor. They are found in boardrooms and war rooms and broadcast control centers. They can even stop traffic and breathe new life into many environments.

Reasons to buy commercial grade screens

Why Buy Commercial Grade Screens?

The top 5 reasons to buy commercial grade screens for digital signage

Though most flatscreens may look the same - 16:9 ratio screen, black bezel, multiple inputs - there is a dichotomy between consumer and commercial grade screens.

3 White Papers
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