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Samsung Galaxy S® III (T-Mobile 4G LTE), Pebble Blue

Rated 4 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Features This device (i9505) has great features along with good combination of hardware. It has excellent performance. However camera result in low light is not much good. The display is excellent and bright. Over it a good value for money. June 18, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Cell Phone, Reference Device The phone has a much larger screen than the old phone I used to use, comes equipped with a lot of apps, an easy to use screen--I use it a lot for Word Reference, a list of dictionaries of foreign languages. Still learning all the features. Only negative is that the battery runs down too fast. May 19, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by The screen could be better I had my Galaxy SIII for a year now, the phone is great don't get me wrong, but I wish Samsung would make a better screen. My screen cracked from the smallest thing. You pay all that money for a phone to have the phone break on the first fall on the carpet. December 29, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love this phone The screen is large without being too large and it is easy to see. The screen has good colors, background lighting and nice to use both with swipe or key-by key typing. (I prefer to use a stylus so I get fewer spelling errors rather than fingers or thumbs.) The swipe feature is really great and allows me to send texts faster than simply typing. Swipe makes good guesses about my intended word. It seems to learn my intentions as evidenced by correctly guessing unusual word usage based on my past usage. The operating system is fast and well organized. I can almost always correctly navigate my phone using the drop down menus. However, some options are not clearly described. For example, if you join particular or unknown networks while traveling, there can be unintended consequences and you won't realize that for "a while," whatever that means! It has nice widgets if you are inclined and, at least so far, good security features. The phone is a perfect size and fairly robust. I treat the touch screen like a newborn infant so I've no idea how easy it is to harm it. The back cover is a nice strong plastic. I remove it everyday to swap out batteries and though I've owned this for 10 months, it is never chipped, cracked, or failed to come off or go back on perfectly and easily. So why am I swapping batteries daily: this phone is an energy pig. Period. But, you get great communication!!!! So, there is a trade off I am willing to make. Clear voice, reliable messaging, fast responses, fast screen changes, fast internet access, etc... You get back in performance what you pay for in energy. Oooo! The camera is positively excellent! I get better pictures off this phone that any computer, mobile pad, portable GPS or even some cameras. My pictures are better than anyone of my friends' or family's phone cameras. You will love it. I hate: preinstalled apps I simply don't want cluttering my phone's memory and CANNOT DELETE! Some of them are down-right invasive, especially the games. Some I think I would be able to delete, but scary warnings pop up telling me that 'if you delete this app, other apps--unspecified--won't work.' However, installing apps you do want is easy on this phone, though, unfortunately, you must use the Play Store. (I hate play store. One false move and I have installed, uninstalled or updated something I did not want to do!) Samsung, can't you help with this? I do not know the degree to which Samsung, the phone manufacturer, is responsible for the selection or function of the preinstalled apps. The worst one: Visual Voicemail. This app requires a scalding review of its own for its inaccurate and redundant messaging to the user. (Maybe it's my carrier, I dunno.) I highly recommend this phone and am reluctant to update to to Galaxy S4 since this is a great phone. Period. October 30, 2013
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