October 22, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

Only the Professionals can Survive. SAMSUNG SDS unveils "SDS ProWay," a new corporate culture

With many companies seeking ways to overcome the recession in the IT industry, Samsung SDS, Korea's leading IT company, has become a focus of attention with the declaration of its new corporate culture based on professionalism.

Samsung SDS (CEO Hong-Ki Kim) declared that it would revolutionize its corporate culture in order to reach its corporate vision of becoming one of the "top ten IT services company in the world by 2010" and unveiled the ideals of its "SDS ProWay."
- "SDS ProWay" is a restructuring of the personnel management system based on operational area and job duties in order to develop Samsung SDS into the best group of IT professionals. "ProWay" includes hiring by each operational division and adjusting operational goals higher for highly qualified persons to create a pool of value added personnel.

In order to realize "SDS ProWay," Samsung SDS:
▶has made revolutionary changes in personnel development program to allow 10% of the employees to receive custom tailored education each year. Those in the program will be nurtured to become the best qualified professionals in their fields through Samsung SDS' SCP program (SDS Certificated Professionals)

▶In addition, a concurrent evaluation system, which will allow more objective evaluation, will take place at the conclusion of each project. Along with the concurrent evaluation, a system will be in place to award those with outstanding performance with 2 to 3 times the average compensation of their peers, while there will be strict policies for the poor performers, which would bring an on-going restructuring system to the company.

In particular, Samsung SDS plans to continuously improve regulations and practices that hinder "SDS ProWay" in order to allow employees to become professionals in their own fields and focus on their work by adopting: ▶ mobile office system to increase efficiency in customer service while minimizing costs, ▶ inter-departmental personnel trading system through out the company in order to make personnel management more efficient from hiring to training.

Samsung SDS' declaration of new corporate culture based on the "SDS ProWay" reflects the company's solution to the IT industry's characteristic of widely varying productivity among different individuals, sometimes as much as 25-fold, as well as high personnel turnover. Adoption of the new corporate culture is Samsung SDS' response to protracted recession in the domestic IT industry as the industry leader, while it is an expression of the company's will to continue fostering high quality IT personnel as a part of the country's IT infrastructure.

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