November 28, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Unveils Ultra-light, Ultra-thin Projection TV

Samsung Electronics has come out with a liquid crystal projection TV (model: SVP-43L2SR) that is only half as thick and heavy as other models on the market. At 39.9cm thick and 30.5kg, the SVP-43L2SR occupies about the same space as a 14” Braun tube TV. Light is transmitted through a liquid crystal panel instead of the Braun tube used for most projection TVs. As the result, the weight and bulkiness of the unit have been dramatically reduced.
The screen is coated with a hard substance that eliminates the problem of light reflection. The result is a far clear image than that provided by other projection TV models.
Hong Sung-pyo, Vice President of the Samsung
Electronics says,
“Designing liquid crystal projection TVs is not easy.
Only a handful of leading companies, including Sony and Toshiba, have completed development and are currently producing them. We are applying state-of-the-art technology to expand Samsung Electronics’ liquid crystal projection TVs, to include high-definition models. We aim to take the lead in this market.”
The SVP-43L2SR is styled for the digital age. It
comes in silver with a blue stripe on the side to accentuate its slim figure. Company officials expect it to be a big hit with newlyweds and other young consumers in the market for a new TV.
The Korean projection TV market is estimated at 120,000 units in 2001. As luxury tax will be reduced by 5% in 2002,growth is forecasted, with some 140,000 units sold in 2002.
Samsung Electronics expects to bolster its competitiveness by being the first Korean company to introduce a liquid crystal projection TV domestically. As such, the company is looking to capture at least 60% of the Korean market.
The SVP-43L2SR is a standard definition model with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is expected to sell for W3.8 million in Korea when the luxury tax is included.

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