March 03, 2002 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDI Develops the World

Amid the recent rapid growth of the color mobile phone market and greater adoption of high definition display panels, Samsung SDI unveiled on the 12th, the world's first UFB- LCD(Ultra Fine & Bright - Liquid Crystal Display) featuring unmatched high definition and brightness.

The 2-inch, high-resolution (horizontal 128, vertical 160) UFB- LCD represents a new concept of LCDs, combining the technological innovations of STN-LCD (Super Twisted Nematic LCD) and TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor LCD) to offer high-definition images with vivid color reproduction.

After a month-long naming process Samsung SDI finally decided on UFB-LCD which stands for Ultra Fine & Bright to best convey the innovative features of the product.

Not only does the new display offer a rich array of 65,000 colors, but at 150cd/㎡, its brightness matches that of conventional TFT-LCDs while consuming less power (3mW with backlights off), allowing for longer secondary mobile phone battery life.

UFB-LCD brings together STN's low power consumption and low price with TFT's outstanding high definition features to offer clear and crisp pictures on its small 2-inch display panel, distinguishing itself as the ideal display panel for mobile electronic devices.

Samsung SDI has mobilized 30 R&D personnel and a total of 4 billion won since March 2000 for its UFB-LCD development project. UFB-LCD is the combined culmination of the following breakthrough technologies.

▲ Multi-tone color filter color representation technology
▲ SBE (Super Birefringence Effect) mode for improved contrast ratio
▲ EAD (Extreme Aperture Design) i.e. decreased pixel pitch for better image quality
▲ High-efficiency lighting system with 20% improved brightness.

Samsung SDI managed to develop its new line of high definition LCDs in just 2 short years thanks to the proprietary know-how accumulated over its 15 years of STN-LCD development and manufacture, as well as its focused efforts toward cost reduction and the localization of material supplies.

Samsung SDI plans to expand its share of the world mobile phone LCD market from 18% (as of 2001) to 23% this year on the strength of its UFB-LCD development in order to strengthen its leading presence in the mobile device display arena where high growth is expected.

Samsung SDI has completed a UFB-LCD production line of two-million-unit monthly capacity and has scheduled volume production to begin in late March. As part of its strategy to produce and sell 45 million units in 2003 to grab 25% of the global mobile electronic device color LCD market, Samsung SDI will provide major local and foreign mobile phone manufacturers with UFB-LCDs for color mobile phone application.

The upgrade trend seen in the mobile phone LCD market is likely to gain added momentum since Samsung SDI is planning to rollout 3.5-inch displays and some 260,000 color products before the second half of this year in order to expand application of its UFB-LCDs to a wide array of mobile electronic devices including PDAs.

※ Comparison of STN, TFT, UFB Features
Feature Category / Color STN / TFT / UFB
Light Efficiency / 65% / 70% / 80%
Brightness / 100cd/㎡ / 150cd/㎡ / 150cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio / 50:1 / 120:1 / 100:1
Color Reproduction / 20% / 35% / 38%
Power Consumption / 3mW / 8mW / 3mW
(with backlights off)

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