April 12, 2002 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Aims for Top Brand Status in Next-generation TVs

Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., supported by its liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma display panel (PDP) production capabilities, is taking the global TV market by storm. The company already occupies a large share of the conventional cathode ray tube (CRT) TV market. On April 11, moreover, company officials announced plans to begin marketing flat panel TVs (FPTVs), known as the “third-generation TVs, globally in advance of the FIFA Korea-Japan World Cup.
Samsung Electronics is now mass-producing LCD TVs with screens of 15”, 17”, 22”, 24”, 29”, and 40”. In addition, the company began producing 42”, 50” and 63” PDP TVs last year, giving consumers a full range of choices to suit individual budgets. Samsung officials stress they can engage in a marketing campaign that sets Samsung completely apart from the competition in Europe, the US and other advanced markets.
The next-generation FPTVs are digital and feature a thin panel for a screen, so space is not a restriction. They offer high-definition picture quality and sport a futuristic design. The new flat panel TV sets will replace the Braun tube models that have been in use for more than half a century and lead the market for the next decade or longer.
Samsung Electronics is a world technology leader in LCD panels and LCD monitors. The company boasts some of the best HDTV production know-how ads well as outstanding technology related to digital signal processing and digital convergence for interactive communications. PDP and LCD production is vertically integrated to give Samsung Electronics an edge over all competitors. The company is establishing leadership in the emerging FPTV business that entirely different from its past status as a latecomer into Braun tube production.
To ensure its dominance of the next-generation TV market, Samsung Electronics is investing W1.5 trillion to expand production facilities at Suweon, Korea and 16 other locations around the world by 2005. An additional W800 billion is earmarked for the research and development of new products and technology through 2005.
Moreover, a systematic and consistent advertising campaign is being launched with the help of FCB, a world-class agency. At least US$100 million will be spent annually on the marketing blitz, which will include sales promotions and road shows. Samsung expects this aggressive investment and marketing will keep the company the next-generation TV leader, selling 550,000 units this year, 1.5 million units in 2003 and 3 million units in 2004.
Samsung’s new 15” LCD TV is the thinnest (20.2mm) and lightest (3,000g) TV available today. Samsung is also the world’s first to put a 40” LCD TV on the market#a product that was developed last year.
Samsung Electronics Digital Media Network President Dr. Chin Daeje, President & CEO, Digital Media Network Business says, “Consumers are looking for a completely new concept in TVs, and flat panel TVs are the answer. They can be hung on the wall or carried around easily. Space is not a restriction, while the image quality is superb and the design is highly sophisticated. I expect our aggressive launch into this business will put us at the forefront of the market. I am confident that flat panel TVs will emerge as a mainstay business for Samsung Electronics, along with semiconductors and mobile phones.”
A massive road show will be launched in France, the UK, Germany, the US and Japan in May. Samsung Electronics is ready to let the world know about its world-class technology related to next-generation TVs.
In 2001, Samsung Electronics was ranked second in the global TV market, with a 9% share. Economic recovery this year is improving TV market conditions and Samsung enjoys a relative advantage over its rivals. Therefore, company officials aim to increase Samsung’s overall market share to 11% and the top spot.

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