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SAMSUNG Develops Industry's First DDR-II SDRAM

Seoul, Korea - May 28, 2002: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today announced the industry's first DDR-II device, a high-density 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM, that it expects to be the next-generation mainstream DRAM technology for high-speed systems.

Samsung's 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM fully satisfies the JEDEC DDR-II standard set in March 2002.
The device has a low 1.8-volt Vdd and has data transfer rates of 533Mbps that can be extended to a maximum of 667Mbps for networks and special system environments. With the availability of Samsung's new 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM device, high-speed, performance-enhanced, next-generation memory designs are now a reality.

Samsung's 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM device incorporates JEDEC's DDR-II specifications by adding core functions that include off-chip driver calibration (OCD) to maintain optimum driver strength; on-die termination (ODT) to ensure optimum signal waveform; and posted CAS, a command control method to enhance bus efficiency. The device's chip-scale, 60-ball BGA package maximizes performance.

Samsung is an industry leader in the development of DDR technology. In December 2001, JEDEC presented the company's engineering force with a technical recognition award acknowledging Samsung's contribution to the standardization of DDR-SDRAM.

Samsung has also set major milestones in the market introduction of DDR devices. The company's first 64Mb device, launched in 1997, is followed by a series of timely market presentations: DDR266 in 2000, and DDR333 in 2001. Samsung currently has more industry-validated DDR SDRAM devices than any other manufacturer, testimony to the performance and reliability of the company's DDR SDRAM products.

In March 2001, prior to the development of the 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM, Samsung created a 2.5V, 128Mb DDR-II prototype. In parallel with Samsung's device design, and in an effort to validate the key DDR-II technology attributes, IBM developed a first-generation DDR-II memory interface chip in conjunction with a new registered DIMM.

IBM, widely acknowledged as a world-class system manufacturer and technology leader, has jointly completed characterization of the early DDR-II prototype devices in this memory subsystem with Samsung engineers. All key functional and performance objectives were attained. The validation of next-generation DDR-II technology in a system environment marks a significant accomplishment for both companies.

"This is an important technological achievement for Samsung," said Gary Tressler, IBM manager for Memory Technology and Qualification. "It is also an important step forward in the ongoing effort to deliver solutions that help customers meet the ever-increasing, memory-intensive demands of a network-centric computing world. We are pleased to contribute to this effort and will continue to work with Samsung, and others to reduce costs, improve time to market, and ensure the broad availability and adoption of open standards for future advances in DRAM technology."

"Samsung will continue to aggressively support the DDR-II design as a future mainstream technology to satisfy customer needs for high-density, high-performance memory," said Tom Quinn, vice president of marketing for Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "The verification project on DDR-II has greatly reduced the lead time for introducing this new design as a next-generation solution. The board-level evaluation stands as concrete evidence to the reliability of the technology."

Samsung will commence volume production of the new 512Mb DDR-II SDRAM device in Q3 2003. The timely introduction of these next-generation DDR-II sample devices is in line with the company's strategy to expand its DDR DRAM market share to more than 50 percent in 2002. Samsung intends to maintain its leadership stance in high value-added memory by being first to market with leading-edge technologies in a wide range of configurations and densities.

According to Dataquest, the DRAM market is expected to reach 21.1billion US$ in 2002 and grow to 41.1billion US$ by 2004. The DDR market will comprise 40 percent of the DRAM market in 2002 and reach 66 percent by 2003.

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