March 26, 2003 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Introduces 3.25 ft3 Front Loading Washer- Dryer with Sterilization Drying Function

Seoul, Korea?March 27, 2003: Samsung Electronics introduces a 3.25ft3 (by IC) front-loading washing machine with advanced built-in sterilization capabilities for the domestic market.

The SEW-HR125 washing machine satisfies growing consumer demand for health-promoting home appliances, by incorporating many advanced features to ensure hygienic conditions are maintained.

The dryer features a sterilization drying algorism and a high-efficiency electronic heater for killing bacteria, making this washing machine safe even for families with infants. The safeness of the dryer was certified by KOTRIC (Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry) for the eradication of colon bacilli and yellow staphylococci. This feature also comes in handy for sterilizing sensitive articles that cannot be safely washed in hot water. To protect sensitive fabric, the embedded dual-heater mechanism enables low-temperature drying.

Samsung’s unique Water Turbine system lifts the liquid detergent from the bottom of the front loading tub and shoots a powerful stream of water inside the tub to remove deeply embedded dirt without damaging the fabric. The laundry comes out very clean and all traces of detergent are eliminated, thereby protecting the wearer’s skin.

The wash-barrel design enhances the sanitation level. The wash-barrel cleaning system always keeps the interior of the machine clean, ensuring bacteria-free operation.

The new washer can also raise water temperature as high as 95ºC to kill bacteria, while the Conservation setting reduces electricity consumption by 35% or more. Moreover, the Zero Standby Power function completely cuts off the power source once the washing is done, lowering annual energy consumption by some 40%.

The advanced dryer control system also saves power. Many conventional dryers only allow users to set the duration for drying, resulting in unnecessary power consumption and excessive drying. The SEW-HR125, however, can automatically detect the humidity and temperature inside the barrel for power saving and optimal drying.

With the multi-level condenser, which enables effective heat exchange, and high-efficiency spray type drying mechanism achieve the shortest dry time among front-loading washers in the Korean market.

The new washer is available in either white-and-silver (SEW-HR125) or white-and-gold (SEW-HR125G).

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