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SAMSUNG`s CDMA System World`s First to be in Commercial Service

Samsung signed a contract with Shinsegi in March 1995 and delivered two mobile CDMA switching systems, 16 base station controllers and 149 base station controller and 149 base stations to the mobile telecommunications company after just 13 months. In the first stage, 100% digital telephone service is available in Seoul, Kyunggi Province and Taejon. The CDMA service is scheduled to be available nationwide as of January 1997. The digital system provides much better call success rates and much less cross-channel interference than analog systems currently in service.

The network provided by Samsung is the first ever CDMA-based system to go into operation. Outside Korea, Hutchison Co. is test-operating some 80 base stations, supplied by Motorola, in Hong Kong.

In February, SEC signed an agreement to export CDMA equipment to Russia, and now the company is aggressively marketing the new system in the US and China. Samsung also recently went into mass production of CDMA cellular phones and expects to be manufacturing 8 million units a year by 1998.

SEC's four-year CDMA system R&D project involved over 1,200 researchers and cost US$ 200 million. Company officials expect this opening of Shinsegi's commercial service to put them in a leading market position.

What is CDMA ?
Concept : Qualcomm Inc. of the US applied technology that spreads the spectrum of the signal over a wide bandwidth. The digital cellular system allows multiple users to share the same frequency at the same time.

Advantages :
1. High traffic volume : Many base stations can utilize the same frequency, yet call interference is small. CDMA technology can increase the current analogue cellular network capacity by at least ten times.
2. High quality services possible : Crossed signals, noise and call cut-offs are virtually non-existent; access from regular phones to ceellular phone is very easy.
3. Outstanding security : The analogue signals are digitized, allowing them to be codified and spread out over wide spectrum. This limits the possibility of wire tapping, while a user-specific pseudo noise (PN) code enhances privacy.
4. High quality data services possible : Since all signals are in a digital format, offering data services is facilitated, and these services are high quality given the very low call cut-off rate.
5. Smaller, lighter terminals possible : The CDMA cellular phone set is made mostly of application-specific ICs. They operate on low power, so they can be made smaller and lighter than their analogue counterparts. They also last a long time.

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