May 15, 2012 in Content/Service News

Changes in Transaction Amount of Goods and Services with Affiliates

May 15, 2012
There were changes in the amount of transaction during 1Q 2012 in goods and services between Samsung Electronics and its affiliates, Samsung Everland and Samsung SNS (previously Seoul Commtech). The transaction amount decreased from the original plan disclosed on October 28, 2011.

1. Transaction amount:
• Samsung Everland (1Q 2012)
- Planned: KRW 365.0 billion
- Actual: KRW 139.9 billion

• Samsung SNS (1Q 2012)
- Planned: KRW 155.0 billion
- Actual: KRW 65.3 billion

2. Goods and services:
•Samsung Everland: Rental, cafeteria operation, building repair/maintenance services, etc.
•Samsung SNS: Equipments, network building, repair/maintenance services, etc

* Related disclosure: “Transactions in Goods and Services with the Affiliates” (October 28, 2011)

* Note that pursuant to the Fair Trade Act, a purchaser of goods and services shall
disclose the transaction in the case the transaction amount changes by 20% or more than the
original plan and the provider of goods and services involved is the purchaser’s affiliates.