May 07, 2004 in Social Responsibility News

Athens 2004 Olympic Torch to Light Up

5 May 2004 ? SAMSUNG, a Proud Presenter of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay, announced its lineup of Torchbearers for the first-ever global Olympic Torch Relay in which SAMSUNG Torchbearers will also carry the flame across all five land masses represented in the Olympic rings. Since its sign-up to be a Proud Presenter of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay on October 30 th 2003, SAMSUNG has organized various marketing activities all around the world to select Torchbearers regardless of age, nationality or background . The relay will commence in Sydney, Australia on June 4 th and travel through a total of 27 countries and 34 cities, including all previous host cities of the Olympic Games as well as cities in continents which the Olympic flame has never visited such as Cairo, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.
SAMSUNG has conducted various marketing activities through its global network offices to select its roster of Torchbearers under the slogan “Share the Experience with SAMSUNG.” Torchbearers selected by SAMSUNG include courageous individuals who have triumphed over personal challenges like William Weir of Canada as well as prominent social activists such as Sandra Jimenez of Mexico and John Hughes of Australia.
Jong Yong Yun, Vice Chairman and CEO of SAMSUNG Electronics, said, “I am honored that such a distinguished and diverse group of individuals from all around the world have signed up to share in the experience together with SAMSUNG. SAMSUNG's Torchbearers truly represent what the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games are all about.”
To enhance the significance of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay's visit all of host cities of the Olympic Games, SAMSUNG invited Olympians to join the event as Torchbearers. Among Olympians, Australian 400m gold medalist Cathy Freeman will have the honor of lighting the flame and running as the 1st SAMSUNG International Torchbearer. Ms. Freeman is one of several SAMSUNG Athlete Ambassadors who will join the Torch Relay in Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Beijing, Paris, London, Rome and Berlin. Athletes of promise like Pippa Funnell (Equestrianism, England),
Tim Lobinger (Pole Vault, Germany), Therese Alshammar (Swimming, Sweden) also have an opportunity to run as a SAMSUNG Torchbearer. SAMSUNG also selected people who will not participate in the Olympic Games due to unexpected accidents or financial problems, such as Australian Ivan Gaal .as a SAMSUNG Torchbearer.
Other SAMSUNG Torchbearers include famous celebrities and sports stars who will share the Olympic spirit with people from all around the world. The list of entertainers includes Adal Ramones (TV show host, Mexico), Yukio Hashi (pop singer, Japan) and Olga Kabo (actress, Russia), not to mention globally recognized athletes from various sports.
Also selected were individuals representing various walks of life including Joseph Glass, an 88 year-old American aerobics coach as well as members of the business community and ethnic groups who will pass the flame in line with SAMSUNG' s commitment to improving the world.
SAMSUNG's involvement with the Olympic Games began in 1988 as a national sponsor for the Seoul Olympic Games. In 1998 SAMSUNG became the worldwide wireless telecommunications equipment sponsor for the Nagano Olympic Winter Games with continued sponsorship at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. SAMSUNG recently reaffirmed its strong commitment to the Olympic Games by signing up to continue its sponsorship in the wireless communications equipment category for the 2006 Torino Olympic Winter Games and the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
About SAMSUNG Electronics

SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in telecommunication technology. SAMSUNG Electronics employs approximately 88,000 people in 89 offices across 46 countries . The company is the world's largest producer of CDMA mobile phones. Since 1997 SAMSUNG has been the Olympic Partner in the wireless communications equipment category. For more information, please visit the web site,

Please contact us for more information on the SAMSUNG Torchbearers.

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