November 29, 2013

Transfer of Assets

On 29 November 2013, the Board of Directors of Samsung Electronics approved the transfer of assets to Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

▫ Details

1. Date of Transfer (scheduled) : 13 December 2013
2. Items of Transfer: Electronics material research facility and shared infrastructure
3. Value of Transfer: KRW 145,324,000,000
4. Purpose of Transfer: Establish research center to advance R&D development on electronics material
5. Expected outcome: While we do not expect direct impact on revenue due to establishment of research center, it will further enhance our competitiveness of existing electronics business and strengthen R&D capabilities for the future business.
6. Attendance of Independent Director at the BoD meeting : 5 (100%)
7. Attendance of Audit Committee members at the BoD meeting : Yes (100%)
8. Others : Scheduled Date of Transfer in the item 1 indicates scheduled date for transfer of payment and the rights of ownership.