January 24, 2014

Year-end Cash Dividend of FY2013

On January 24, 2014, the BOD of Samsung Electronics authorized the cash dividend plan as follows:

1. Dividend per share (dividend yield)
- Common shares: KRW 13,800 (0.97%)
- Preferred shares: KRW 13,850 (1.32%)
※ Dividend yield is dividend per share divided by the average stock price for the week prior to
two days before the record date based on KRX guideline.
※ For your information, in 2013, the total dividend paid for common shares is
KRW 14,300 per share and KRW 14,350 per share for preferred shares, including the interim
dividend of KRW 500 per share.

2. Total payout: KRW 2,081.60 billion
※ Total dividend payout amount for 2013 : KRW 2,156.97 billion
(including the interim dividend KRW 75.37 billion)

3. Record date: December 31, 2013
※ The dividend is paid out to only those who are on the shareholders’ registry on the record date. ※ Dividend payment will be made within one month after approval at the Annual General
Shareholders’ Meeting.