August 19, 1998 in Social Responsibility News

Wireless LAN Card Gains Popularity

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has begun full scale marketing of its wireless LAN card, called 'MagicWave', which the company introduced in September 1997. For the first time in Korea, the new system complies with the international wireless LAN standard (IEEE802.11).
The wireless LAN card features the benefit of requiring no extra cost for changes in line and office layouts. It is economical even when the number of users increases because all that is needed is to change the LAN card instead of expanding LAN lines. Another outstanding feature is that it can be connected without a hub or line.

Demand is rising steadily for this convenient system for use at public research organizations, colleges and universities, broadcasting stations, insurance companies, hospitals, banks, automated production lines, etc. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is looking forward to a leading edge in the market with the new system, which complies with the IEEE802.11 standard, while many foreign wireless LAN makers are yet to develop and produce similar devices.

The new system has been certified by the FCC of the United States and ETSI of Europe, both essential for export and international quality recognition.

Market Share Expands for Wireless LAN

The wireless LAN system consists of an AP (access point), which connects with a server, and a LAN card inserted into a PC. Generally, there are two different systems, DSSS and FHSS, defined according to the method of wireless communication between the AP and LAN card.

Using pre-set frequencies for communication between the AP and LAN card, Samsung Electro-Mechanics's 2Mbps model adopts the DSSS system, which is two to three times faster and much safer than FHSS.

Samsung's notebook wireless LAN card with a built-in antenna is the smallest of all LAN cards so far produced. Its desk-top wireless LAN card is recognized for its outstanding transmission and receiving capability with a diversity antenna.

Now engaged in active marketing, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is hopeful of winning 5% of the world market for this system this year. The company will introduce its 11Mpbs-class system in 1998 and a 20Mbps-class system in 1999, the latter aiming at a 20% worldwide market share.

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