June 03, 2014

Purchase of shares of affiliated companies

On 24 January 2014, the Board of Directors of Samsung Electronics authorized the following purchase of common shares of Samsung SDI and Cheil Industries to further strengthen business cooperation with Samsung SDI, recently merged with Cheil Industries, which supplies key components for Samsung Electronics mobile and semiconductor businesses.


1. Items of Transaction:
Samsung Electronics purchased shares from the following affiliated companies:
1) 2,178,399 treasury shares (4.78%) from Samsung SDI
- Transaction value: KRW 344,187,000,000 (KRW 158,000 per share)
2) 2,073,007 treasury shares (3.95%) from Cheil Industries
- Transaction value: KRW 143,037,000,000 (KRW 69,000 per share)
3) 2,449,713 common shares (4.67%) of Cheil Industries from Samsung Card
- Transaction value: KRW 169,030,000,000 (KRW 69,000 per share)
* This transaction took place during the normal market hour on 3 June 2014.
The transaction price per share is the closing share price at the end of 3 June 2014.

2. Attendance of Independent Director at the BoD meeting: 5 (100%)

3. Attendance of Audit Committee members at the BoD meeting: Yes (100%)