December 14, 1998 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Develops World's Smallest MP3 Audio Player

Seoul, South Korea - 14 December 1998 - The popularity of the internet and on-line services has led to the development of portable audio players that use MP3 audio files instead of tapes or CDs.

Samsung Electronics has come out with yepp, to date the world's smallest MP3 player (58mm x 85mm x 17mm, the size of a credit card). The new product can store, edit and play back music files in MP3 format.

Small and light, yepp is designed to suit the tastes of the youth market. This digital audio player can download and store audio files from the Internet or other on-line services at low cost.

A smart card and memory of up to 40 megabytes allows yepp to store up to ten 4-minute songs. The product is also capable of storing graphics or text files.

Samsung's portable yepp player delivers uninterrupted, CD quality sound, even when the listener is actively exercising. It can download any audio file from the Internet or other on-line service, and then the user can edit the file in order to listen to only the songs he or she wants.

Moreover, yepp comes with a LCD that will indicate the name of the song being played, the name of the artist and the playing time. During the song, the lyrics can also be displayed on the screen. The case is made of light and strong magnesium, which makes it much more resistant to external shock than other portable audio products.

Samsung's yepp is available in two models. The deluxe model can record external sound such as audio data from live speeches, lectures and FM radio.

The yepp includes a basic unit, battery charger, adapter and PC connector cable. Samsung Electronics has also developed a unique Recording Station that allows the yepp user to listen to songs from a CD player or cassette player without having to be first connected through a PC.

The Recording Station can be used even while the battery is being recharged. It can be connected to a speaker to function as a mini-component for a hi-fi system.

Samsung Electronics will introduce yepp to the Korean market in next February and expects domestic sales to reach W20 billion in 1999. The company also will begin exporting yepp to the US later next year and plans to sell over US $30 million worth in the Asia and the Americas.

According to Managing Director Byung-Moon Suh of Samsung Electronics' Media Service Division, "As yepp has a smart card and a flash memory as the main memory component, it makes it highly competitive in terms of price, speed and function expandability."

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yepp Specifications and Functions by Model
 Basic Model(YP-B24)Delux Model(YP-F-40) Basic Functions - MP3 Player- 24MB Flash Memory- Charger (PC Interface + Charge) - MP3 Player- FM Radio- Audio Recording- 24MB Flash Memory + 16MB Smart Media- Charger (PC Interface + Charge) DSP MP3 Decorder Memory 24MB (Flash Memory) 40MB (24MB Flash Memory + 16MB Smart Media) Size/Weight 58mm wide X 85mm long X 17 thick/ 64g (Except Batteries) transmission Rate Up to 1MBPS

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