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SAMSUNG Expands Infrastructure Portfolio For North American Wireless Operators

NEW ORLEANS and DALLAS, March 14, 2005 – At the annual Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association’s (CTIA) tradeshow, Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) today unveiled its new Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) portfolio that will allow wireless network operators to offer complete coverage tailored to the geography and consumer needs in that area. Deployed independently or in concert, Samsung’s new wireless systems products enable reliable service coverage whether in an enclosed area or across urban and rural regions.
Small and lightweight, the Samsung Spot BTS expands in-building coverage in high traffic areas such as airports, office buildings and shopping malls to help eliminate network coverage gaps that could result in dropped calls and unreliable service. The solution supports high-speed 1x EV-DO multimedia applications and can be deployed easily due to its simple wall-mounted installation.
With the Samsung Flexell BTS, service providers can expand their coverage across large rural areas and interstate highways on the CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO and WCDMA platforms to meet current and future call capacity and radio coverage needs. And, with flexible power options (AC or DC input), the Flexell offers a wide range of deployment possibilities.
The Samsung T3C BTS offers expanded power and capacity for suburban environments.
This system ensures that service reliability remains consistent in the outlying areas of major population centers.

These three new products join Samsung’s next generation system, the Samsung V.5 BTS, which is the highest capacity CDMA BTS on the market. This multi-carrier system can support up to eight carriers, or 15 carriers with an optional expansion rack. The Samsung V.5 BTS is designed for large urban environments with high population and extensive wireless traffic demands.
The company is showcasing these new products in booth #1045 at the CTIA show in New Orleans, Monday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 16.
"Samsung has deployed CDMA base stations throughout the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, and North America," said J. Neal Smith, senior director of wireless systems for Samsung Telecommunications America. "By working closely with wireless operators, we have created the most comprehensive product portfolio – in-building, urban, suburban and rural – that can accommodate all network expansion and coverage needs."
Samsung continues to drive technology innovation and was the world's first equipment manufacturer to commercially launch a CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO as well as being the first to demonstrate 1xEV-DV in October 2003. In the United States, Samsung has deployed its infrastructure products with Sprint PCS.
The company's new products include:

Samsung Spot BTS

The Samsung Spot BTS is extremely small and lightweight, about the size of an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper and weighs only 10 pounds. The compact size and silent operation allows the product to blend into any office environment. The Spot BTS supports 1FA/Omni with 32 channel elements per unit, up to two units can be configured to total 2FA/Omni and 64 channel elements offering plenty of capacity for growth. The system supports up to 7 remote radio units that can inexpensively extend coverage throughout the facility. To simplify installation, the remote radio units use ubiquitous Fast Ethernet cable to interface to the Spot BTS. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and uses standard 120VAC or -48VDC power to further ease installation. The Spot BTS is an ideal solution to help eliminate network coverage gaps and increase in-building coverage.

Samsung Flexell BTS

At 78 pounds, the small and lightweight Samsung Flexell is easy to install and can be mounted on a pole or wall requiring very little floor space. The Flexell BTS supports 1FA/Omni with 32 channel elements per unit, up to two units can be configured to total 2FA/Omni and 64 channel elements. The channel element card supports CDMA2000 1X or 1xEV-DO, making Flexell a perfect solution as a 1xEV-DO overlay to an existing network. For highway applications, the Flexell BTS can be configured for Omni Transmit Sector Receive (OTSR) providing increased capacity through 2-sector operation on the reverse link. Its 20W of RF output provides ample power to expand coverage and increase capacity. For in-building applications, up to 8 Flexell’s can share a single GPS Antenna, increasing revenue at lower cost. The product is very flexible using standard 220VAC or -48VDC input power and the weather-sealed enclosure can be used indoors or outdoors. The Flexell BTS is the perfect solution for rural areas, highway, and subway coverage and for in-building applications.

Samsung T3C BTS

Samsung’s T3C BTS incorporates many of the advanced features of the V.5 BTS in a lower-capacity chassis that is perfect for suburban environments. The T3C BTS supports channel element pooling within the rack reducing the number of channel element cards, resulting in a reduction in capital expenditures. Due to PA efficiency, reduced number of components and PAU sleep mode power consumption is reduced up to 60 percent. Additional operational expenditure savings are realized though Inverse Multiplexing over ATM and Trunk pooling that reduce backhaul costs up to 30 percent. The T3C supports up to 2FA/3Sector and 768 channel elements in a single rack, and the expansion rack doubles capacity to 4FA/3Sector and 1,536 channel elements, providing ample room for future growth. The T3C is the perfect companion to the highest capacity CDMA BTS on the market, the Samsung V.5.

About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., researches, markets and develops wireless handsets and telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, see STA's website at

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