May 31, 1996 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics and Sun Microelectronics to Co-develop Java Chips

SEOUL, Korea - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SEC) officials announced today that they have concluded a comprehensive technology sharing agreement with Sun Microelectronics, a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc., of the US. The signed letter of intent calls for the development, manufacturing, marketing and internal consumption of chips based on Sun's picoJAVA(TM) microprocessor core.

The strategic alliance between Samsung Electronics and Sun Microelectronics represents a commitment to being involved in the network computer (NC) business recently being promoted by such companies as Oracle, IBM and Netscape. It is an opportunity for Samsung to take part in developing microprocessors for multimedia terminals as well as in the standardization of the world CPU market.

Java chips are designed to increase the compatibility among computers with different operating systems. Importantly, the chip has a wide range of applications that not only include multimedia and network computers but also home appliances, telecommunications products and automobile location reference systems.

"With the rapid acceptance of Java by most major technology companies, Sun has established the new networking communications standard. And as we develop into a communications based society, Sun's Java Technology and Samsung's diversified product offerings will have numerous applications where most major products have intelligence and communication abilities," stated Y.B. Rha, president at US-based Samsung Semiconductor Inc.

"With Samsung's diversified product offering of home electronics, computers, semiconductors, cellular phones, and various home appliances, Java Technology will provide a way for them to communicate with each other. For example, our cellular phones could run programs from our computers while we are sitting in a car, or our office computers could control our VCRs and microwave ovens at home."

Samsung Electronics will use high-ptrecision processing technology to complete development of the Java chip. By the first half of next year, the company plans to have come up with a value-added device with the necessary on-board functions for use in personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Internet terminals.

Through its strategic alliance with Sun Microelectronics, Samsung will acquire critical Java processor technology, which is expected to grab a major share of the world microprocessor and controller market, estimated to be worth over US$60 billion a year by 2000.

Samsung Electronics will apply Java chips technology to telecommunications terminals and network PCs. By integrating its own sophisticated technology in the areas of memory chips and LCDs, Samsung expects to cut development costs and shorten new product development times, thereby securing a profitable niche in the world network systems market.

Sun Microelectronics signed today similar agreements for the licensing of Java Chips technology with Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc., NEC Corporation and LG Semicon, Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Company Ltd., a US$ 21 billion flagship company of US$ 83.8 billion Korean-based Samsung Group, is a world leader in the electronics sector, with operations in more than 60 countries. The company develops, manufactures, and markets audio and video products, household electronics goods, computers & peripheral products, display products, telecommunication & information systems, software tools & semiconductors. The company employs over 70,000 people worldwide.

About picoJAVA:

The Java Chips family, optimized for Sun's Java Language, consists of microJAVA(TM) and ultraJAVA(TM) microprocessor family and the picoJAVA(TM) microprocessor core licensing program. The picoJAVA core directly executes the Java instruction set in silicon. Unlike traditional CISC and RISC processors, it eliminates the need for interpretation of the Java instructions set and rthe associated system downsides of interpretation - high costs, memory-intensive system design and performance degradation. The picoJAVA core will serve as the foundation for the best price performance solutions for silicon designs supporting the Java Virtual Machine(TM) specification.

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