June 01, 1996 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Develops Super-small Flash Memory Card

(SEOUL, Korea) - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SEC) officials announced today that the company has developed a super-small flash memory card in a joint project with Toshiba Corporation of Japan. These are highly suited for application in mobile multimedia products.

The new flash memory card, known as a Solid-State Floppy-Disk Card (SSFDC), combines small size with simple structure. Unlike conventional memory devices like floppy disks, SSFDC is not magnetic. Instead, a non-volatile semiconductor, called a NAND flash memory chip, is embedded in a thin plastic card only one third the size of a standard credit card (45.0mm x 37.0mm x 0.76mm). SSFDC can read data ten times faster than conventional devices.

SSFDC has a 1 to 8 megabyte memory capacity, it is easy to carry, and consumes very little power. SSFDC is expected to be used as an external memory for portable multimedia products, such as digital still cameras, hand-held communications devices, voice recorders, games and other products. The new concept memory card is particularly well suited for use in consumer electronics devices because of its small and cost effective form factor.

The market for flash memory cards is still in its infancy, but it is expected to grow along with the market for digital still cameras. Experts predict that the annual world market for the cards will reach 10 million units within 3 to 4 years.

Meanwhile, an SSFDC Forum was held in April in Japan to agree on an industry standard for a super-small data storage medium. Currently, 40 companies, including Samsung Electronics, have joined this group. Support for SSFDC by leading semiconductor manufacturers, such as Samsung and Toshiba, is expected to provide a strong impetus ftor the spread of this new innovative small memory card.

Samsung Electronics plans to begin mass producing 2MB SSFDC at the end of 1996 and company officials reveal that they are now working on 1MB, 4MB, and 8MB versions. They also believe the new product will help boost Samsung`s involvement in the flash memory market.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is the world`s leading producer of semiconductor memory products and a US$ 21 billion affiliate of Samsung Group, a US$ 83.8 billion Korea-based conglomerate. In addition to semiconductors, the company`s product line-up includes information and telecommunications systems, home appliances and multimedia products. Among the industry`s fastest growing high-quality, multinational IC manufacturers, Samsung manufactures more than 2,500 semiconductor product types across a range of categories. Samsung Electronics employs over 71,000 people worldwide.

Toshiba, is a manufacturer of products spanning information/communications systems, information equipment & consumer electronics, power systems & industrial equipment and electronic components & materials. Toshiba is today one of the world`s largest integrated manufacturers of electric and electronic equipment, has some 186,000 employees worldwide, and enjoys annual sales of over 5,120 billion yen.

Main Specifications:

Size:45.0mm x 37.0mm x 0.76mm


Type:NAND Flash Memory

Capacity:from 1MB up to 8MB

No. of Pads: 22 pads

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