May 18, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Develops 24inch Wide-Screen TFT LCD

SEOUL, South Korea - May 18, 1999 - HDTV is gaining a lot of attention as the visual medium for the 21st century, and Samsung Electronics has become the world's first to develop a 24" wide-screen thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) for HDTV. As a result, the company can now become strong contender in the market for wall-hanging LCD TVs with its outstanding picture quality.
Development of a 24" TFT-LCD means that application of the liquid crystal display can be expanded beyond office machines (notebook PCs and desktop monitors) to include home entertainment products such as HDTV and digital TV.

Samsung's 24" wide-screen TFT-LCD is a strategic display product in the HDTV market. The resolution is 1,920 pixels (horizontal) by 1,200 pixels (vertical) for a total of 7 million pixels (1,920 x 1,200 x RGB). This makes Samsung's 24" wide-screen TFT LCD with four times the definition of a conventional Braun tube TV.

Importantly, Samsung's 24" wide-screen TFT-LCD boasts the same screen size as a 27" Braun tube and much better resolution than that of the conventional HDTV screen (1,920 pixels horizontally by 1,080 pixels vertically). The viewing angle is a wide 170 degrees in all directions (left, right, up or down), and the picture quality is three times better than that of a notebook PC.

The aspect ratio is 16:10, while the unit is only 3 centimeters thick and weighs just 7 kilograms. Power consumption is a low 70 watts, no more than 30% that of a conventional TV. Thus, Samsung's new LCD can double as a TV screen and PC monitor or be used as a wall-hanging TV.

Because of price and size constraints, LCD TVs to date are mainly small-screen products of 10 inches or less. However, Samsung's new 24" wide-screen TFT-LCD will satisfy demand for high picture quality.

Samsung Electronics aims to lead the markets for TFT-LCDs used in notebook PCs, LCD monitors and TVs. Annual demand for TFT-LCD TVs is forecast to reach 150,000 units in 2000 and soar to 7 million units by 2005. The company already has the top share of the world TFT-LCD market. By moving into the TFT-LCD TV market, Samsung Electronics will be able to compete in the market for wall-hanging TVs, which is expected to become very large and be very tightly contested.

Samsung Electronics is showing the 24" wide-screen TFT-LCD at SID99 (Society of Information Display), held in San Jose, California from May 17 to 22.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with 1998 sales revenue of 16.6 billion dollars (US), is a world leader in the electronics industry. The Korea-based firm has operations in more than 50 countries with 60,000 employees worldwide. The company consists of three main business units: Multimedia & Home Appliances, Semiconductors and Information & Telecommunications. For more information, please visit our website,

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