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SAMSUNG Cements Leadership In Enabling Rich Digital Experiences With Dazzling Array Of Offerings At CES 2007

LAS VEGAS - January 7, 2007 - Samsung Electronics transforms the CES 2007 show into a kaleidoscope of rich digital experiences, unveiling an exciting range of products and demonstrations that span numerous product areas including displays, digital music, printers and mobile television. All of this can be seen at Samsung's booth at Central Hall 3, Booth #11033.

Full details, high-resolution images and downloadable videos can be found at www.samsung.com/icespress. This year's announcements reinforce Samsung's continued global leadership and track record of innovation and design in markets such as displays, digital music players and home theater.

"Our commitment to high performing, beautifully designed products has ushered in a digital renaissance that has set the tone for the 21st century," said Jong Yong Yun, Vice Chairman & CEO of Samsung Electronics. "This year is no different as our news at CES focuses on our ongoing efforts to create richer digital experiences for our users both in and out of the living room."

Among the highlights of Samsung's CES 2007 announcements:

"Full-HD" LCD TVs continue flat-panel leadership

In 2006, Samsung became the No. 1 vendor worldwide in revenue for flat panel televisions. Building on that leadership, the company's latest premium LCD TVs (40-, 46- and 52-inches) boast even higher picture quality, new features and elegant product designs. All three models in the new lineup provide full high-definition (1,920 by 1,080 pixels) resolution, about twice as high as the standard high-definition specification (1,366 by 768 pixels, 1,080i), and support full-HD Blu-ray disc players.

An increasing variety of multimedia products are now full-HD enabled, and the world's leading contents makers are producing more of their multimedia contents in the full-HD format. Therefore, Samsung's new LCD TVs will help to accelerate TV viewers' transition to full-HD.

A-VSB: First step toward mobile broadcast TV

One of the centerpiece demonstrations of CES 2007, Samsung will announce its innovative path into mobile television, one of the long sought-after arenas the North American market. A-VSB is a technology proposed to ATSC (the Advanced Television Systems Committee which approves broadcast standards) that improves current TV signal reception performance and also allows the broadcast signal to be clearly received by both mobile and stationary television devices.

Samsung is working closely with Rohde & Schwartz and Sinclair Broadcasting Group to develop this standard, which provides broadcasters with an enormous opportunity with minimal investment since the standard works with existing broadcast equipment. The A-VSB TV signal of A-VSB can also be received by conventional LCD TVs without any problem.

Samsung believes that this technology will have a significant influence on the portable and live mobile TV markets in the United States. In February 2009, all broadcasters will be required to cease analog broadcasts in favor of digital. A-VSB is a potential solution to provide a sound transition for broadcasters with limited operational expenses. More than anything, however, A-VSB will help the North American market take the first critical steps to achieving the type of portable and mobile TV currently enjoyed in Korea.

"Experience Sharing" drives MP3 evolution

Samsung has taken MP3 players beyond their traditional functionality to enable Experience Sharing. In 2006, Samsung introduced the K5 digital audio player, which featured a built-in speaker. In 2007, Samsung will launch the K3, which will feature a mobile speaker for dynamic music sharing.

Breaking new ground in both form and functionality, the K5 is the first Samsung digital audio player to use OLED technology. The display and navigational array are smooth to the touch with sparkly ice blue adaptive graphics. The menu and navigation system is simple to use and add to the product's appeal. Another most requested travel function is an alarm clock which the K5 sports, allowing consumers to wake up to their favorite songs rather than a jolting alarm clock buzz.

Samsung will also release its revolutionary digital device in the United States market: the T9B (Model Name: YP-T9B), an ultra slim, ultra portable MP3 player that amazingly packs in a complete portfolio of multimedia features and application. The T9B MP3 player features a bluetooth wireless stereo that provides hands-free enjoyment within 10 meters and features advanced remote control functions on the headsets including play, pause, seek and volume.

Next-generation Blu-ray

Building upon the successful launch of its BD-P1000 first-generation Blu-ray player in June 2006, Samsung will launch its BD-P1200 series of second-generation, new and improved Blu-ray players for the home entertainment industry in 2007.

Staying ahead of the cutting-edge optical media industry, Samsung's BD-1200 Blu-Ray player will feature storage capacity that is 5X larger than DVDs. Blu-ray offers outstanding performance with the ability to play back high definition video and multi-channel sound. The BD-P1200 player enables customers to enjoy the best audio and video quality available today, and is equipped with the Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor, a powerful unit similar to ones used by Hollywood studios in production.

With the HQV processor, the BD-P1200 player offers increased picture quality by refining image projection, even from non Blu-ray formats. HDMI boosts the quality of the sound (via 7.1-channel Dolby Digital Plus) and color.

Award-winning CLX-3160 marks entry into global laser MFP market

The world's second-largest laser printer manufacturer introduce its first compact color laser multi-function printer (CLMFP) to the global market, the CLX-3160 Series, marking its entry into the market. As a reflection of its significance, the CLX-3160 series was named a 2007 CES Innovations Award Honoree in the Mobile/Home Office Category.

As Samsung's first CLMFP, the compactness and versatility of the CLX-3160 series make it the ideal choice for SMB and small workgroups' printing needs. The series offers two different models: The 3-in-1 CLX-3160N (Print-copy-scan) and the 4-in-1 CLX-3160FN (Print-copy-scan-fax). It prints four pages per minute color and 17 pages black and white in Letter size, fast enough for day-to-day document printing with occasional color printing.

In addition, Samsung's patented NO-NOISTM technology allows a 30% reduction in size and a 33% reduction in weight over its competitors. The CLX-3160FN model operates at a lower noise level than a standard multi-pass machine and offers outstanding convenience of maintenance, through easier toner changing, and less troublesome paper handling.

Home Theater experience is transformed

The launch of Samsung's HT-X250 and HT-TXQ120 home entertainment systems matches impressive performance with equally appealing aesthetics, such as a variety of features like versatile multimedia playback and instant entertainment with USB Host Play function. The HT-TXQ120 and the HT-X250 systems transform any living room into the ultimate home theater.

The HT-X250 and the HT-TXQ120 home entertainment systems offer not only superb sound and industry-leading features, but a new gorgeous design that perfectly complements Samsung's eye-catching flat-panel televisions. These latest home entertainment systems incorporate an integrated DVD player/receiver to create a fully integrated digital multimedia entertainment center.

USB Host Play function, an exclusive Samsung feature, enables various multimedia files to be played without the need for a PC, including DivX, MP3, DVD Audio, WMA, CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW and jpeg. This ability saves time for the customer, and provides them with a supreme entertainment experience.

Monitors provide a new "Vista"

The Samsung 19-inch SynchMaster 931BW, 20-inch SynchMaster 206BW and 22-inch SynchMaster 226BW wide-screen monitors displayed at CES 2007 are now certified as "Windows Vista Premium." Microsoft will release its new Windows Vista software upgrade in early 2007, and the "Windows Vista Premium logo" mark means that the monitors fully support the features of the Window Vista™ operation system.

Samsung and Microsoft worked closely together, and Microsoft's Windows Vista Industrial Design Toolkit was applied from the initial design stage. Today, Samsung and Microsoft enjoy an excellent relationship that can lead to a lasting global partnership. The companies are currently planning joint marketing programs for various events worldwide.

All three of the new SynchMaster monitor models come in high-gloss, piano-black casings for added elegance. The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) terminal provides High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) for real-time TV or DVD viewing. Thus, the monitors can be connected to various other audiovisual products.

LED DLP TV - Better quality longer

The new Samsung HL-T5087S, HL-T5687S and HL-T6187S DLP TVs are as slim as a flat panel model but with improved picture quality. The new TVs are equipped with an LED backlight and provide a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels (1080p)-twice the picture quality of a standard high definition TV (1,280 by 720 pixels, 720p).

The ultra-wide color gamut (NTSC 140 percent) is also 140 percent better than conventional models, providing a richer, more diverse range of tones. A contrast ratio of 10,000:1 results in remarkable images. The lifecycle of an LED backlight is approximately 4 times longer than that of lamps, eliminating the need to replace the lamps. The image quality will not deteriorate over time and the product contains no mercury, reducing its impact on the environment.

For more powerful connectivity, Samsung's new LED DLP TVs has WISELINK™ which offers music (MP3) and photo (JPEG) playing via USB connection and has 3 HDMI which simultaneously connect three devices with full HD signal transmission.

Ultra Mobile PC Q1P SSD: "Solid" Innovation Continues

After introducing a new category and form factor for PCs in 2006 with the release of the Q1 UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), Samsung extends its leadership in the global computer market at CES 2007 with the announcement of the Q1P SSD Ultra Mobile PC. The revolutionary device is the first UMPC of its kind to use an SSD solid state flash memory-based hard drive in place of a conventional rotational media-based hard drive.

The Q1P SSD is the most powerful UMPC model available today. Fueled by an impressive 32GB of SSD (solid-state NAND) flash memory, as opposed to the traditional 1.8" Hard Drive found in the earlier Q1 models, the Q1P SSD model is ideal for those applications that require a no-compromise, high-performance mobile computing solution that can operate in diverse conditions.

The Q1P SSD UMPC is designed for optimum performance. With the SSD-enabled model, boot time is 25-50 percent faster than systems that employ a traditional hard drive. Overall system performance is significantly enhanced, as the SSD is capable of reading 300 times faster (53 MB/s) and writes 150 percent faster (28 MB/s) than models with typical hard drives. With its departure from the traditional hard drive, the Q1P SSD UMPC is equipped to withstand twice the impact of the hard-drive-enabled model and its battery life is also improved, as it requires less power to run the flash-based SSD hard drive.

The Q1P SSD UMPC will be on display along with its predecessors, the Q1 and the Q1P, a 2007 CES Innovation Honoree.

Samsung at ICES 2007

To see Samsung Electronics' complete ICES 2007 product lineup, please visit the company's booth (#11033) located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information on specific products, please visit Samsung Electronics' ICES press site at www.samsung.com/icespress.

Executive sound bites are available at http://samsung.feedroom.com.

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