August 31, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG's Environmental Management Know-how Made Public

SEOUL, Korea - August 31, 2000 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has issued its comprehensive `Green Environment Report,` detailing the company`s environmental management program. The document covers the company record on environmental protection and worker safety since 1995, as well as Samsung`s environmental management know-how. Specifically, the contents are broken down into the management of and future plans for five areas: management, products, production processes, plants and local communities.

Importantly, Samsung Electronics has set a precedent for Korean industry in making sensitive issues public, such as the amount of carbon-dioxide emissions, treated wastewater, toxic materials in use, money invested in environmental protection facilities, and safety record. The company`s environmental management program has raised the level of operational transparency.

Samsung Electronics launched its Green Management program in 1995. Since then, a constant effort has been made to minimize the impact of corporate activities on the environment across the board, including new product design, procurement, production, sales and disposal of products. The Green Management program has also stressed ongoing environmental activities in local communities. The comprehensive `Green Management Report` now lets the ordinary citizen know the results of that program.

During the time that the Green Management program has been in effect, all six Samsung Electronics plants in Korea have been designated as `Environment- Friendly` operations by the Korean government. They also have received ISO 14001 (the international environmental standard) certification. Environment-friendly production systems have been put in place; a unique recycling center has been started up to disassemble old consumer electronics products, and `clean-room` production technology has been adopted. Samsung Electronics continues to research and invest in ways that use resources as efficiently as possible.

Importantly, Samsung`s semiconductor plant at Kiheung, Korea reached 211.6 million labor hours of accident-free operation in 1998, a world record that has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records. And as a result of enforcing the Green Management Policy, power consumption was reduced 5.2%, water consumption 10.1%, toxic materials 31.5% and off-site waste disposal 22.7%, saving the company KRW42.6 billion in expenses last year alone.

Director Min-shik Koo of the Samsung Electronics Kiheung Plant Environment & Safety Group states, `The second phase of Green Management will be enforced by 2003. By this time, a system will be in place for planning environmental issues and evaluating environment-related performance. We will also strive to achieve environmental marks on more of our products, and reduce our consumption of energy and industrial water by 10-percent. We will continue to make our operations more environment friendly, promote our employee wellness programs and carry out environmental preservation activities in local communities.`

Samsung Electronics is one of the Worldwide Olympic Partners for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. In this capacity, the company plans to submit its `Green Management Report` to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to raise its image as an environment-friendly company and to raise the transparency of its Green Management program.

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