October 11, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Shows New Fibre To The Curb Solution

(9th October, 1999) Samsung's new B-AceNetTM access network solution has been designed to allow network operators to provide fibre to the curb through a cost-effective, standards-based range of equipment. B-AceNetTM is an optical access network soltion which offers flexibility and fast time to market for new network operators, Internet Service Providers and cable companies who wish to provide a range of high speed, integrated services for their customers.

Increasing data and Internet traffic has placed a growing burden on networks, creating bottlenecks in the access network where some of the slowest equipment resides. B-AceNetTM is an optical solution which brings fibre to the curb or POP (point of presence) in the access network. Seen for the first time in Europe, B-AceNetTM is currently being deployed in the network of Korean operator, Hanaro Telecom. During the course of this year over 180,000 lines will be installed to provide POTS, ISDN and ASDL subscriber connections.

Using a B-AceNetTM Host Digital Terminal (HDT) which is connected to the PSTN and/or Internet, an optical ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) local ring can be set up with breakout points through B-AceNetTM Optical Network Units (ONU). At the central office or main exchange site, the B-AceNetTM Host Digital Terminal connects via V5.2 to provide up to 144 x E1 or 8 x STM-1c optical connections for an ATM network. B-AceNetTM will accommodate ATM speeds of both 155Mbits and 622Mbits in a flexible ring, star or active double star formations according to operator's needs.
The Optical Networking Unit typically resides in the local exchange or curb side cabinet and provides the link between the high speed fibre network and the #ast mile.copper network. Up to 4 x 4,320 subscribers can be served from the indoor cabinet and from the curb side rack up to 1020 subscribers can be connected. The ONU offers interfaces to a wide range of subscriber services. These include:
. POTS/ Payphone
. 2 wire/4 wire E&M connections
. ISDN - both basic rate and primary rate interfaces
. N x 64kbps, V.24, V.35
. G.703 64kbps

B-AceNetTM includes a sophisticated network management system offering performance management, security management, configuration management and fault reporting. It is compliant with ITU-T M.3010 architectures and is object oriented for ease of use during design and implementation.

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