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SAMSUNG Develops Energy-Efficient STN LCD Driver IC for Larger Graphic Display

SEOUL, Korea - November 5, 2000 - The trend for mobile handsets is towards larger displays. In response, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has completed development of a LCD driver IC for a large super twisted nematic liquid crystal display (STN LCD).

Samsung`s new STN driver (model: KS0719) has 160 by 105 pixels, more than the 132 by 65 pixels found in other models. As a result, this display can show larger text and graphics. It is capable of handling six lines of text with up to ten Chinese characters (16 x 16 font) or 26 alphabet letters (5 x 8 font) per line and up to 160 icons per screen.

This device features a Partial Display Function, which reduces power consumption by minimizing the use of the LCD display when the handset is on standby mode. The display is controlled by one line increments. The new STN driver (model: KS0719) accommodates up to 105 lines of pixels. And by utilizing the Partial Display Function, a minimum text display of 8-lines is made possible. Thus, up to 80-percent of the standard power consumption can be reduced when the entire display is not in use.
An N-line inversion function has been adopted to solve image quality problems caused by the larger screen. The signal is given line by line, instead of frame by frame, thereby greatly enhancing image quality.

Samsung Electronics has already well-positioned itself in the LCD industry by becoming the number one supplier of TFT-LCD panels. We plan to further strengthen our competitiveness in this industry by expanding our LCD driver product line and developing key technology in LCD components. By 2001, Samsung expects to obtain at least 30-percent of the LCD driver market, states Steve Ahn, Director of LCD Driver IC Team, System LSI Division.

The world market for mobile communications handsets is expected to continue growing 13- to 15-percent a year until 2003. Demand for LCD drivers will stay in step with this high growth trend. By 2003, the driver market is expected to be worth US$2.1 billion annually.

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