September 18, 1996 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG and Diba Partner to Deliver Internet TVs by Christmas


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Diba Inc. today announced a partnership to develop a new line of Internet-enabled televisions. Samsung Electronics, based in Korea, is one of the world's largest electronics company with $26 billion in revenue in 1995. Diba Inc., based in Menlo Park, California, is a leading technology provider for the Information Appliance market.

Samsung's Internet TV will use the Diba Application Foundation to support a wide range of Internet services, including browsing the World Wide Web and accessing electronic mail. Samsung's first product offering, a 29-inch Internet TV, will allow users to access information from the Internet with a push of a button on the remote control. In addition, a built-in electronic keyboard can be displayed on the TV screen and can be manipulated with the remote control for inputing and transmitting data, including electronic mail. An optional wireless keyboard is also available. Samsung's Internet TV features a built-in 33.6k bps modem for quick Web-content access and delivery.

Samsung and Diba plan to deliver Internet TVs to the Korean market for the 1996 Christmas retail season. Samsung will export Internet TVs to the US and Japan starting in 1997.

"Our new family of Internet TVs will allow consumers easy and fast access to the wealth of information offered by the Internet" says Y.H. Lee, director of research and development in Samsung's multimedia lab. "Diba's powerful software platform, combined with Samsung's system know-how, was critical in helping us quickly bring this important new product line to market."

"Diba's partnership with Samsung is an important milestone in our goal to put Information Appliances in every home," said Farid Dibachi, chairman of Diba. "We are excited by Samsung's vision and commitment to bringing the power of the Internet to people around the world who today can not atfford or master the technical complexity of personal computers. Samsung's strong manufacturing capabilities and worldwide distribution power, along with its recognized brand name, will contribute to successful delivery of products for an information hungry global market."

About Information Appliances

Information Appliances are a new class of consumer devices that combine the power of computers with the ease of use, convenience and affordability of traditional consumer appliances. Unlike today's PCs, which many consumers find overly complex to purchase, use and maintain, Information Appliances will offer average consumers a wide range of devices that will let them tap into the information age for the first time.

About Samsung

Samsung Electronics Corporation Ltd., one of the leading companies in the world, develops, manufactures and markets products ranging from semiconductors to computers to telecommunication systems. In addition, Samsung is a leading provider of home appliances to the consumer market. Samsung Electronics is the number one provider of D-RAM and the flagship company in the SAMSUNG GROUP which recorded $84 billion in 1995.

About Diba

Diba is a leading technology provider for the Information Appliance market place. Dedicated to making information more accessible to more people, Diba has created the hardware reference platform and software operating environment (the Diba Application Foundation) which it is licensing to consumer electronic companies and appliance manufacturers. Using Diba's technologies, these companies will be able to quickly and affordably create a wide range of Information Appliances for homes, schools and offices. Diba is located in Menlo Park, California and is privately owned and financed.

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