January 09, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Unveils Worlds Highest Capacity Memory Module for Notebooks

SEOUL, Korea – January 9, 2001 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has become the worlds first to complete development of a 512-megabyte memory module for notebook PCs. Samsung has applied its own high density packaging technology to load eight 512-megabit chips in a single package known as a Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SODIMM). Notebook PC memory modules currently available have a maximum memory of 256MB, so Samsungs new product will greatly expand the amount of notebook capacity possible.

Samsung Electronics says that it has already shipped samples of the new device to the major notebook PC manufacturers.

High density packaging technology, developed exclusively by Samsung Electronics, enables a double layer of chips cut from a wafer to be placed in a single package that is the same size as that packages with a single chip. As a result, the memory capacity is doubled.
The use of notebook PCs today is going beyond word processing. The changing Internet environment is increasing the need to smoothly process video and graphics, which requires the expansion of notebook PC memory capacity. However, the international standard for modules used in notebook PCs is set at 144 pins in a package measuring 67.56mm by 25.4mm by 3.80mm.

The industry trend is to make information products that are ever lighter, thinner and smaller. Thus, chipmakers have been hard at work researching ways to expand the capacity of their devices without increasing the size.

Given the current circumstances, Samsung Electronics has come out with a memory module for notebook PCs that uses conventional chips but has twice the capacity of other such modules. As a result, the company is sure to secure a leading position in the market for large capacity memory for notebooks.
Importantly, the 256MB notebook memory modules are currently sold 25% more expensive than that of desktop PC memory modules. Chipmakers are competing aggressively to take the lead in the SODIMM market, which Samsung Electronics officials predict will be US$70 million this year and skyrocket to US$500 million or more by 2003. With the 512MB SODIMM now in hand, Samsung aims to capture between 50~70% of this highly lucrative market.

About Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with 1999 sales revenue of US$22.8 billion is a world leader in the electronics industry. Headquartered in Korea, the company has operations in about 50 countries with 54,000 employees worldwide. The company consists of three main business units: Digital Media, Semiconductors and Information & Communications Businesses. For more information, please visit our website: http://samsungelectronics.com

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