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SAMSUNG Electronics Develops TFT-LCD for 17 Inch SXGA Model

SEOUL, Korea - August 26, 1997 : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has completed development of a prototype thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with Super Extended Graphics Array (SXGA, 1,280x1,024 lines) resolution for use in high-performance workstations. The new product features a 0.26mm pitch (96 dots/inch) resolution and offers the same effective screen size as a 19` cathode ray tube monitor (CRT). Moreover, the TFT-LCD consumes no more than 20 of the power and takes up less than one-fifth the space of a comparable CRT model. The new Samsung monitor weighs just 2.5 kilograms, features an environment-friendly design and is 100 compatible with CRT monitors.

In addition, the TFT-LCD response time is just 40msec, 25-50 faster than that for CRTs. It can reproduce 1.67 million color shades, providing life-like moving pictures. The biggest drawback with TFT-LCD screens on notebook computers is the limited viewing angle. However, the new Samsung product has a greatly improved viewing angle of 120 degrees left and right as well as 100 degrees up and down.

The product can be used with desktop PCs, desktop publishing (DTP) systems, medical diagnostic machines, CAD/CAM systems and other applications that require high definition. The definition is better than that of CRTs and the user can use the TFT-LCD much longer than the CRT without suffering eye fatigue.

Samsung Electronics has already developed a 21.3` Ultra Extended Graphics Array (UXGA) TFT-LCD, with 5.76 million pixels. Now, the company has come out with a 17` SXGA model, with 3.93 million pixels. Samsung is also currently mass-producing 14` and 15` Extended Graphics Array (XGA) models. Therefore, the company has a complete lineup of TFT-LCD screens for both desktop monitors and notebook computers.

Samsung Electronics is capable of producing 600x720mm substrates, the world`s largest, from which four 17` TFT-LCDs can be matde. This will mean a price advantage when the company goes into mass production in the first quarter of 1998 at its new Chonan facility.

Samsung, which already is the world`s largest CRT producer is now in a position to be one of the leading TFT-LCD makers. The TFT-LCD is expected to represent at least 10 of the world monitor market by the year 2000. By 2005, some 70 million TFT-LCD monitors, worth US$25 billion, will be sold annually, making up 60 of the monitor market. Samsung is aggressively investing in new product development and mass production facilities in order to secure a leading position in this `golden industry` of the future.

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