April 17, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS Supplies IC Cards for Digital Signature Use

...Takes joint steps in developing and marketing various solutions and applications based on IC cards.
Prevents Fraudulent Use of Certification & Integrates Digital Certification and Electronic Money into a Card.

…Stands prominently as the optimal digital certificate due to the excellent security, functions, and portability.

Expected to Play a Key Role in E-Commerce Due to the Wide Variety of Applications in Both Private and Public Fields.

Digital certification for e-commerce can be settled with an IC card!

Having entered into a strategic tie-up (relationship, partnership ) with Coregate Co., Ltd. (CEO: Dong-Ju Kim www.coregate.com), the certification registration agency of Korea Information Certificate Authority, Inc., Samsung SDS (CEO: Kim Hong-Ki) announced on March ( ) 21 that it would supply the IC cards of Samsung SDS for the smart cards issued as certificates of digital signatures and would take joint steps in developing and marketing solutions, card readers, and other applications based on IC cards.

Taking advantage of the strategic tie-up, Samsung SDS has taken the vantage point in performing Internet security and authorizing the certification business by supplying its own IC cards for digital signature certificates for the smart-card type, which Coregate Co., Ltd. issues for SDS according to the digital certification procedure.

Coregate Co., Ltd. is one of the three largest authorized certification organizations in Korea and is an outstanding company, whose technology is recognized in the field of authorized certification and Internet security, that is taking charge of a variety of certification related projects, including the recent supply contract with the Supply Administration for IC-card certificates for electronic bids, electronic tax-invoice development for the National Tax Service, approval/permission-related security certification of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, and the project for unmanned cyber certificate-issuance of civil affair documents.

The cooperation between Samsung SDS and Coregate Co., Ltd. is expected to significantly contribute toward the construction of various environments for e-commerce, including all sorts of electronic bids and sureties (securities ), and electronic sanctions (auctions ).

Sang-Hun Jun, a manager at Samsung SDS, says that compared with other digital signature certificates, the one using smart cards is best in terms of security, such as the prevention of fraudulent use, and has excellent utility, resulting from the integration of such various functions as electronic money, credit cards, medical insurance cards, and identification cards into one card.

He adds that it will play a key role in the future expansion of e-commerce because of its wide range of applications from certification in public fields, including all sorts of electronic bids/sureties and approval/permission, to private purposes such as the issuance of civil affair documents at an unmanned kiosk and digital signatures for remote medical examination and treatment.
On the other hand, Samsung SDS, on the basis of know-how it has accumulated through the construction of security systems for Samsung Group, has hit its stride in the smart-card business and has successfully handled many projects, including the Chunchon City's K-cash (Korea Cash) project using IC cards, the construction of Cyber2Apartments, the supply of government-employee ID cards to Milyang City, and the export of IC cards for medical use to Japanese companies.

It is planning to strengthen its business activities, while designating IC-combination cards, card readers, and a variety of card-related applications as the main solutions for the next-generation.

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