April 17, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS Expands Internet ASP Business Nationwide

SamsungSDS's nationwide application service provider business is booming.
UniASP Consortium, which is headed by Samsung SDS, divides the country into 5 major regions, and it will appoint regional ASP operators, which provide technical and consulting services, at SamsungSDS's 5 regional posts and to its uniASP members. The uniASP consortium selected TGS, an ASP specialist in the Pusan region, to be a member and held a strategic alliance signing ceremony April 6.

With the addition of TGS, Samsung SDS now has an ASP operations posts in Pusan and in the southern Kyungsang region as well as posts in
▶ the Seoul/Kyunggi/Kangwon region,
▶ the Taegu/northern Kyungsang region, and
▶ the Chungchung region. Samsung SDS said that the construction of the nationwide uniASP consortium (to provide high quality ASP services for small to medium IT companies outside the Seoul area) would be complete when an ASP operator is selected during the first half of this year for the southern Cholla/Cheju region.

TGS would be able to share uniERP, groupware, IDC (Internet data center), and other software as well as receive semi-exclusive rights from SamsungSDS for ASP sales, consulting, and operations. This would allow TGS to overcome the limits of being a small regional operator in the ASP business, while Samsung SDS would secure an advantage in its ASP operations for small businesses in the Pusan region.

The uniASP Consortium has received particular attention for its business model aimed at the cooperative growth of SamsungSDS and its regional ASP consortium partners. The consortium partners would co-develop an entire range of ASP services including sales, marketing, development, and operations. At the same time, they would become members of the largest nationwide ASP consortium by sharing Samsung SDS' experience in the technology and operational strategies.
Samsung SDS also announced it is entering the second growth phase, and it has secured 30 clients for its ASP operations, which is the largest in the country. It has seen remarkable growth in the past 2 years with a total of 30 sites, including 11 ERP sites and 19 groupware sites, since signing a contract to provide ASP services in April 1999 with Carraro, an Italian automobile parts manufacturer.

TGS, which is based in Pusan, was established in April 1999 and specializes in IT services. It is a small venture firm with target revenues of 2 billion Won in 2001

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