April 17, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS Set Up Portal Information System in the Four Villages in Kangwon Province

Since last April, hosted by Kwangwon Province (Governor Kim Jin-sun) and backed by the Ministry of Information and Technology, the 「Project to Digitize the Back Villages Deep in the Mountains in Kwangwon Province」, promoted by Samsung SDS, Sambo Computer, and Korea Telecom (Kwangwon Branch Office), finished building the infrastructure of total information, targeting 400 households near Wonju City and held the ceremony for the completion March ( ) 27.

The 「Project to Digitize the Back Villages Deep in the Mountains in Kwangwon Province」 is a special policy to digitize agricultural regions in Kwangwon Province, which was a challenging endeavor due to the isolation of its many remote and secluded villages in the mountains, designed for the first time in the nation and promoted. The province selected the geographically isolated Hwangdun-1,2-ri and Songgye-1,2-ri as 「Model Villages to Digitize (Cyber Village)」, commissioning the village portal information system project to the three tele-communication services, giving each a specific function.
▶ High speed telecommunications network built by Korea Telecom
▶ PCs distributed by Sambo
▶ Village information center established by Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS, which took full charge of the establishment of the information infrastructure, set up e-mail addresses for the geographically isolated residents and set up a village portal information system by making representatives of the villages and family home pages for each household.

- This portal information system will also contribute to the increase of the resident's real income in the villages because it has fundamental e-commerce functions as well as being able to advertise agricultural products.

The 「Hwangdun·Songgye Village Information Center」has set up a common information space furnished with up-to-date facilities and has increased convenience by installing an automatic machine to issue civil affair documents (including resident registration copy or abstract, cadastre ( )).

With the large elderly population in the area, Samsung SDS careful alleviated any possible fears and resistance to digitization or the Internet by allowing them to personally experience the convenience of the digital age by speeding up the ▶ remote medical system, ▶ wireless paging system (for the elderly who need assistance), and ▶ establishment of a video telephone system.

Kim Hong-Gi, representative of Samsung SDS, said,\"I am glad that Samsung SDS could engage in many digitization projects, including 「Cyber City Choonchun」and 「Digitization Project for Isolated Villages in Kangwon Province」Kangwon Province is currently promoting." He added, "We will promote the project to the utmost to decrease culture shock or negative sentiments of the residents, so they can get accustomed to digital technologies and the Internet."

Also, at the ceremony for the project's completion, around 200 public figures from various circles, including Kim Dong-sun, vice minister of the Information and Communication Ministry; Kim Jin-sun, governor of Kangwon Province; Lee Chang-bok, Representative (of Wonju); Kim Hong-Ki, CEO of Samsung SDS; Cho Wan-haeng, chief of the Kangwon main office of Korea Telecom; and Kim Doo-soo (Jeong-cheol), CEO of Sambo Computer Inc., attended.

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