April 18, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS Expands "e-City" Construction For Regional Governments

Samsung SDS is acting as an impetus to regional governments for the construction of electronic governments with "e-City."

Samsung SDS (CEO Hong-Ki Kim) announced on Feb. 21 that it's been selected as the main operator of the UIS (Urban Information System), which provides integrated and systematic management of a city's infrastructure, for Chinhae City following the completion of the Pusan and Cheju Island projects.
UIS constructs a database, consisting of a city's principal information such as roads, major structures, waterworks, geography, and population and develops application systems to efficiently manage the city's infrastructure as well as modernize administrative and public services. It is an integrated system that is at the heart of e-government,

Chinhae City will select 3 of 15 districts for the pilot project to establish a database, will develop an application system for various infrastructures such as roads and waterworks, and will construct a mid- to long-term master plan for the project. The city plans to launch the main project, worth 7 billion Won, beginning in the first half of 2002.

With the construction of UIS, Chinhae City expects to cut costs with efficient management and standardized administrative procedures. In addition, it enables the city's urban planning to be based on scientific data with efficient management of information and statistics. Furthermore, the system could improve the lives of the citizens by providing social and geographic information based on the Web-GIS system.

Samsung SDS is also in the process of constructing a UIS system for Pusan and Cheju Island, two of the largest cities in the country. The company also plans to actively pursue construction of UIS in other regional governments by integrating the three major components of the regional government: public services, social overhead capital of regional infrastructure, and internal administration.

Samsung SDS is focusing its efforts on "e-government" as part of its electronic government project and will divide the project into two key components:
▶ electronic administration project for the central government
▶ information system for regional governments.

Samsung SDS is increasing its efforts in B2G, electronic procurement, and the construction of cyber city. At the same time, UIS will play a central role in the electronic government cyber infrastructure.

"UIS has been recognized as an important part of regional governments' social overhead capital, allowing systematic management of urban infrastructure the ability to construct "e-Cities" by developing content and expanding the application systems," a Samsung SDS official said. He added that Samsung SDS will branch out to overseas markets such as China within the year after the completion of e-UIS, a package solution, and will increase its market share in the overseas markets to more than 40% by 2005.

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