7 Reasons to Go Pro

  • Compatibility


    Is Compatibility important to you?

    Compatibility is key to a successful upgrade. The Windows® 7 Professional operating system includes Windows XP Mode1, so you can run older business applications right from your Windows 7 desktop.
  • Networking


    Do you own a server or do you need to connect to a network?

    Domain Join allows new PCs to be added to a network more securely and more easily. Files, peripherals, and even other computers are at your fingertips, made possible with Windows 7 Professional.
  • Security


    Is keeping business data secure important to you?

    Windows 7 Professional offers more and better ways to back up all your previous data than ever before with Advanced Backup and Restore. You can create complete images of your system, send backups over networks, roll back document versions, and customize your backup.
  • Troubleshooting


    Feel bogged down by the endless notifications popping up on your screen?

    Action Center consolidates all of these alerts into one place for you to easily resolve on your own schedule. If you don't have time to address them immediately, the alerts will be waiting for you the next time you return.
  • Mobility


    Do you need a seamless work environment wherever you are?

    Stay productive by easily connecting to wireless networks wherever you go. With Windows 7 Professional, connecting to a new wireless network is easy and intuitive. Location-Aware Printing detects where you are and automatically sends your documents to the right printer.
  • Presentation


    Do you give presentations?

    Presentation settings are options you can turn on when you're giving a presentation so your PC stays awake and system notifications are turned off – resulting in professional presentations without interruptions.
  • Productivity


    Do you need to do more with less time?

    Windows 7 Professional helps you work faster and more efficiently. Common work tasks–switching between windows, comparing documents, and capturing and pasting objects–are all easier.
1Windows XP Mode runs on Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. If not preinstalled, it can be downloaded free from Microsoft.com