Wi-Fi Enabled LCD Screen Loaded
with Apps

Smart Washer

Smart Control

Smart Control - Save time with smartphone control

  • Remotely turn on your washer and select cycles with your smartphone*
  • Monitor your laundry’s progress for your smartphone

*Smart Control App requires wireless network and is available on iPhone and Android.

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LCD Touch Screen

LCD TouchScreen - A faster, easier way to control washer functions

A simple Touch Screen LCD with intuitively designed user interface makes it fast and easy to choose the right cycle, options and the ideal water temperature.

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Smart Care

Smart Care - Convenient, instant trouble shooting

Preform quick diagnosis and get access to troubleshooting options on your smartphone*

*Smart Control App requires wireless network and is available on iPhone and Android.

Speed Spray

SpeedSpray™ - Save over 90 minutes on your average week-load of laundry*

The Cleansing jet shoots water and dissolved detergent directly onto clothes so the cleaning begins faster. The Rinsing jet showers clean tap water and drains water simultaneously.

*Normal one-hour wash can now be completed in as little as 45 minutes as compared to WF431 washer without SpeedSpray™. Based on DOE standard’s average of 7.5 loads per week.

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Smart Washer

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Apps Built for Your Refrigerator

Apps Screen

Our Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen loaded with Apps helps you keep your family organized.

Grocery Manager

Grocery Manager: Manage your food. Easily keep track of where your food is stored, and when it will expire.


Notes: Can’t find pen and paper? Easily keep a running shopping list, leave reminders for yourself and notes for loved ones.


Photos: View your favorite pictures. Upload digital images to your Picasa page, then run a slide show.


Epicurious: Don’t stress about dinner. Search hundreds of recipes from Epicurious.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar: Keep your family organized.Update and view everyone’s schedule with Google Calendar.


Weatherbug: Don’t leave the house unprepared. Check the weather so you can plan your day.

AP News

AP News: Stay up to date. Who’s got time to read the morning paper? Get it all from AP News. Including a ticker on the home screen.


Pandora: Add a little dinner music. Listen to your favorite Pandora stations through built-in speakers. Or create your own station.


Twitter: Stay connected no matter where you are. Keep up on the latest tweets from everyone you follow.


Settings: Intuitive Settings. Control temperature, ice dispensing and more from the LCD touchscreen.

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