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Growing And Donating Fresh Produce


Project Information

King Science and Technology Magnet School’s project idea is for students to study and maintain an aquaponic system and make regular donations to their local homeless shelter to help combat the lack of fresh produce donated to those who need it most. Aquaponics is a form of farming that utilizes fish waste to provide nutrients to a soilless grow bed. Students will not only gain an understanding of the science behind an aquaponic system (Nitrogen Cycle, aquaculture, animal care and life cycles) but also how to communicate their learning through the use of digital media and public presentations. Their efforts to keep the systems running will allow them to harvest more produce more often to donate to the local homeless shelter. Their understanding of the system also allows them to share their knowledge of sustainable farming with elementary children and encourage healthy eating habits.

School Information

King Science and Technology Magnet Center educates future leaders while offering exciting classes and opportunities to electrify learning for diverse students in grades 5 through 8. Curriculum focuses on the three magnet themes of inquiry, technology and service learning to engage students in 21st century leadership development.