Our commitment: A better world

We work with the brightest minds in technology to bring brilliant visions to life. We engage with entrepreneurs and innovators in an array of disciplines and give them the resources they need to take a chance and change the world. This requires ambition. It requires imagination. It requires the courage to look past the possible and see a better world and make it real. This is our commitment.

Our mission: Solving the big problems

We imagine groundbreaking new ways to discover, share and learn. Then we make them real, so people around the world will have access to the intelligent information they need to lead happier, healthier, richer lives. To fulfill this mission, we invite visionary entrepreneurs and innovators to partner with us, providing them access to our open ecosystem and unsurpassed resources – so they can think smarter too.

Think. Stretch. Create. Impact.

Come join us

We are a place that encourages you to think – strategically, pragmatically and holistically. We will present you with challenging work that will stretch your mental capabilities. You will have an opportunity to create something amazing and have a real impact. Come join us. We're not making history. We’re creating the future.

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