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Intelligence for Smarter Health

The Samsung Digital Health Initiative leverages an array of hardware and software technologies designed to bring developers, healthcare professionals, academics and health enthusiasts together to create a healthier world. The key component of the Digital Health Initiative is a new open reference design platform tailored to take advantage of the latest sensors, behavioral algorithms, battery technologies and displays. This platform is attracting the brightest minds and the most creative innovators to work with Samsung to accelerate innovation in personal health technology.


Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center and Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences collaborate to combine IoT and nutrition science to create insights for healthy living


Samsung Simband is not a product, but a reference design. It's our concept of what a smart health device should be. Devices based on the Simband platform will be able to gather vital diagnostic information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now, for the first time you will be able to ask specific wellness questions and get clear, insightful answers direct from the source: you.



We are looking for forward-thinking startups, researchers and developers. We have created a playground where we share the latest innovations and changes to our developer platforms. Be one of the first to join and give personal health a hearty push into the future.

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Cloud/Data Center Infrastructure

The objective of the Data Center Initiative is to innovate new architectures and apply Samsung's world-class, market-leading component technology to the development and implementation of revolutionary next-generation data centers. Equipped with Samsung's robust library of DRAM, Flash and ARM CPU products, the Data Center team is developing new reference designs and platforms composed of hardware, software and interconnect technology built around open standards. Enabling our customers with integrated, high-value solutions will spark innovation in fields from systems to components. Working across business units, our team of systems experts is pushing the limits of data center technology to create new solutions for the growing data demands of people everywhere.

Human Computer Interfaces

The Human Computer Interface Group is evolving the smartphone into a smarter platform. We're driving innovation in all directions, from novel camera sensors to faster processors to new applications. Our goal is to make the phone a more intelligent assistant and to enable more immersive communication between people. We're working with startups and universities to rapidly bring cutting-edge R&D to the world's most popular mobile platform.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is about connecting our in-home experiences, powering smart cities, protecting the environment and providing better health. Samsung is now developing an open platform that minimizes fragmentation and enables faster adoption of IoT.

Introducing Samsung ARTIK™, the integrated Smart IoT platform providing the fastest path to secure, interoperable, and intelligent IoT products and services. The ARTIK platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security, and a partner ecosystem in a single offering. ARTIK does the heavy lifting so you can focus on differentiating your products and services, reducing costs, time and risk.

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Smart Lighting

The way we use light is changing. It's growing beyond independent and isolated fixtures. Light is, and always has been, intrinsic to the environment and the cities where we live and work. In the interconnected IoT world, this means everything from HVAC, traffic and security to the people around us. It's time to think of light as part of a fully connected platform that, among other things, delivers data when and where it's needed most to make decision that increase safety and improve utilization.

Samsung’s Smart Lighting Platform fosters an open ecosystem, giving partners the building blocks to quickly and easily create smart lighting systems through plug-and-play LED modules, multiple options for wired and wireless connectivity, flexible APIs for developers, an open multi-sensor protocol and easy integration with SAMIIO, our data exchange platform. Together, we can create new lighting solutions that are more responsive, safer and smarter.