Investing in the best

We accelerate innovation by investing in technology’s brightest minds and giving them access to our unparalleled global resources. When you partner with us, you receive a financial investment, and also a connection to our expertise and years of experience. We know the best innovations happen when ideas are shared. That’s why we foster an open ecosystem and collaborate with talented people around the world. We promote open platforms and take risks alongside our partners. We work with world-class research institutions to speed the validation of new ideas.

Accelerating the future

The Samsung Catalyst Fund

The Samsung Catalyst Fund is a $100 million fund dedicated to startups focused on disruptive ideas, components, systems and infrastructure to fuel innovative technologies and business models. With our technology and global presence, innovators and entrepreneurs can bring their visions to market more effectively. Among the many advantages innovators enjoy are colocation, shared resources, seed financing, mentorship, advice from our Innovation Fellows and corporate development.

We’re entrepreneur-friendly, we execute quickly and we provide our partners with a quick and easy on-ramp to connect directly with Samsung business units.

Tools for Engagement

The Catalyst Fund is a $100 million fund dedicated to startups focused on digital health, computer human interface, data center, IoT and materials. With our technology and global presence, innovators and entrepreneurs can bring their visions to market.

  • Entrepreneur friendly
  • Quick decisions
  • On-ramp to engage with Samsung Business Units

Samsung Incubator

Goal is to foster disruptive technologies, startups and university lab based ideas focused in Samsung’s area of interests.

  • Colocation in Israel
  • Seed Financing
  • Mentorship
  • Innovation Fellows
  • Corporate Development

An invitation to a healthier world

Samsung Digital Health Challenge

The Samsung Digital Health Challenge is an ongoing opportunity to access a pool of $50 million in investments from the Samsung Catalyst Fund. The goal of the Challenge is to stimulate innovation surrounding the delivery of wellness-related insight through the use of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors working in conjunction with advanced algorithms.

  1. Faster development of disruptive sensors and algorithms

    Samsung is promoting open innovation by working directly with leading startups around the world to create disruptive sensors and algorithms. By leveraging Samsung’s technical expertise in semiconductors, sensors, optics, electromagnetics, algorithms and other core technology areas, as well Samsung’s deep experience in nurturing startups and building new businesses, entrepreneurs pursuing the Samsung Challenge can accelerate their time to market.

  2. An open reference design platform for sensors and data

    Samsung has developed an open reference design platform, named Simband, that integrates key sensor, hardware, and software technologies while providing open interfaces to enable startups to leverage these technologies. Samsung has also developed S.A.M.I., an open, cloud-based data platform that supports any device, any input data, and any algorithm or service. S.A.M.I. makes it easy to combine, analyze and share third-party algorithm-driven services designed to bring together and make sense of relevant information that can be used to enable healthy and active lives.Learn More

  3. Validation mechanism for sensors and algorithms

    Samsung has established the Digital Health Innovation Lab with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to validate new Digital Health sensor technologies and algorithms. Partnering with world-class research institutions, such as UCSF, leaders in consumer electronics, medical science and entrepreneurs can validate new technologies, ensure user confidence and bring products to market faster.