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Why Is There An Ethernet Port On The Back Of The Wi-Fi Refrigerator?

The electric power grid we use today was designed over 50 years ago. In order to conserve energy, prevent blackouts, and decrease response time to blackouts, “Smart Grid” technology has been created. For example, if a tree falls and damages power lines in a neighborhood, the power company would be automatically alerted. And instead of having to wait for someone to report it, the power company would already be aware and working on a resolution. Smart Grid is also designed to re-route power when needed. So instead of the entire block in a neighborhood losing power, only a few houses would. The government is yet to agree on integrating this upgrade with our current power grid, but experts predict it will be incorporated within the next several years.

Smart Grid Software Interface

Until the Government and Power Companies incorporate Smart Grid, the Smart Grid feature on your refrigerator will not operate.

On the back of your Wi-Fi Refrigerator (RSG309* or RF4289*) you will find a port that appears to be a connection for an Ethernet cable. This is not for use as an internet connection. The port is there for a Smart Grid Modem should you ever need it. If/When Smart Grid software is used on our current power grid your fridge will already be compatible.

The Smart Grid software interface allows you to control power consumption in all Smart Grid compatible appliances in the home.

Benefits of Smart Grid

  • Two way communication which means a system that "talks and listens."
  • Automated devices will notify power companies when an outage occurs which will ensure faster response time to power outages.
  • You will have the ability to control how much energy is used, how much to use, and when to use it.

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