What Are USB Settings And How Do I Use Them On My SGH-I627 (Propel Pro) Phone?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a type of plug-in connection that is used to connect devices, including some handsets, to desktop or laptop PC's. In a handset, USB is useful for quickly transferring files to and from phones, or for synchronizing information with a PC application. The SGH-I627 (Propel Pro) handset has the capability to transfer files directly to or from a PC and the handset or a memory card, residing in the handset, using a compatible USB data cable. There is a configurable USB setting required for transferring files, via an USB data cable, the USB Connection setting.

USB Connection Settings

To select a USB connection setting follow the steps below:

  1. From the home screen, press the left soft key for Menu
  2. Press the left soft key for More
  3. Select Settings (6)
  4. Select Connections (6)
  5. Select USB (4)
  6. Select the desired USB Connection Setting, using the navigation key, from the following:
    • ActiveSync: The handset communicates with a PC via ActiveSync
    • Mass Storage: The handset is perceived as an external memory storage device
    • Modem: The handset is perceived as a modem for PC network connections
  7. Press the left soft key for Done to save the USB Connection Setting

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