What Bluetooth Profiles Are Supported On My SGH-A837 (Rugby) Phone?

The SGH-A837 (Rugby) phone supports the following Bluetooth profiles.

Supported Bluetooth Profiles
AbbreviationProfile / ProtocolDescription

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile

A2DP, also known as "Bluetooth Stereo Profile", allows stereo quality audio to be streamed from a media source to a connected device. Unlike the HSP, which does not allow for continuous audio streams, the A2DP allows reception of a streaming audio signal from the media source to Bluetooth stereo headsets.

Basic Printing Profile

BPP functions as a connection to a printer from the handset. BPP allows handsets to send text, e-mails, vCards, or other items to a Bluetooth capable printer with a BPP capability, where applicable.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP enables users to transfer files from their handset to and from other devices. The FTP profile includes support for getting folder listings, changing to different folders, getting files, putting files, moving files and deleting files.

Hands-Free Profile

HFP allows a connection from the phone to a wireless Bluetooth-enabled car kit. Incoming calls ring to the hands-free headset or device. Calls can be received by pressing a button on the Bluetooth headset or device. As for dialing, four functions are supported: recent call dial, voice dial, speed dial, and number dial. You can increase or decrease the volume by using the volume key on the side of the phone.

Headset Profile

HSP is the most popular Bluetooth profile because it connects the phone to a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset. When an incoming call is received, a tone can be heard through the headset, instead of the phone. The call can then be received by pushing a button on the Bluetooth headset. You can increase or decrease the volume by using the volume key on the side of the phone.

Object Push Profile

OPP is used for sending "objects" such as images, pictures, virtual business cards, or appointment details. It is called push because the transfers are always initiated by the sender (handset), not the receiver (server). The object formats are vcard, vmsg, vcal and vnote.

SIM Access Profile

SAP allows devices such as a car phone, with built in GSM transceivers, to connect to a SIM card in a handset with Bluetooth, so the car phone itself doesn't require a separate SIM card.

Serial Port Profile

SPP emulates a serial cable to provide a simple wireless replacement for existing serial communications between two devices. This profile is required for the following profiles to function: DUN, LAN, FTP and HSP, to mention a few.

Note: For more specific Bluetooth profile or Bluetooth protocol information please visit the following website:   http://www.bluetooth.com/   (Due to possible URL changes please use the search on this page to search for "profiles".

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