What Does the FDN (Fixed Dial Number) Feature Do On My SGH-A837 (Rugby) Phone?

The FDN (Fixed Dial Number) mode, if supported by your SIM card, allows you to restrict your outgoing calls to a limited set of phone numbers.

Enable or Disable FDN Mode

To enable or disable FDN mode follow the steps below:

  1. While in standby mode, press the right soft key for Menu
  2. Select Settings (9)
  3. Select Phone (5)
  4. Select Security (4)
  5. Select Set FDN mode (5)
  6. Highlight, using the navigation keys, one of the following FDN options:
    • Off: you can call any phone number
    • On: you can only call phone numbers stored in the FDN section of the SIM card 
  7. Press the left soft key for Select to save the FDN mode setting
  8. Enter PIN2 code, using the keypad

Note: Not all SIM cards have a PIN2 code. If your SIM card does not, this menu option is not displayed. You must obtain your PIN2 code from your service provider.

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