Will The Network Automatically Update The Time On My SGH-A867 (Eternity) Phone?

The phone uses NITZ (Network Initiated Time Zone) integrated into the handset's software and will automatically update, if enabled, the time and date while inside the AT&T digital network. If you roam outside of the AT&T Service Area, or turn on the phone in an analog roaming area, you will need to set the time manually.

Change the Automatic Update Settings

Changes may not take effect until the handset is power cycled (turned off and then turned on again)

To change the automatic update settings follow the steps below:

  1. While in standby mode, press on Menu
  2. Press on Settings
  3. Press on Time & Date
  4. Press on the Time Zone Updating drop down arrow then press on one of the following Auto Update options:
    • Manual Only: manually set the Time, Date and DST setting according to the current time zone
    • Automatic: phone automatically updates the Time and Date according to the current time zone
  5. Press on Save to set the Time and Date settings

Tip: Automatic updates of time and date do not change the time you have set for alarm settings or calendar memos

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