What Are USB Settings And How Do I Use Them On My SGH-a697 Phone?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a type of plug-in connection that is used to connect devices, including some handsets, to desktop or laptop PC's. In a handset, USB is useful for quickly transferring files to and from phones, or for synchronizing information with a PC application.

  • Available USB Settings

    The SGH-A697 (Sunburst) handset has the capability to transfer files directly from a PC to the handset or a memory card (residing within the handset) with a compatible USB data cable, using one of the following USB settings:

      • Samsung PC Studio, sets PC Studio to launch as the default application when a USB connection is detected
      • Media Player, sets the Windows Media Player to launch as the default application when a USB connection is detected
      • Mass Storage, allows you to utilize the onboard storage capacity of the phone's MicroSD card to store and upload files (This option allows your computer to detect the phone's MicroSD card as a removable storage drive)
  • Configure the USB Settings

    To configure the handset's USB setting follow the steps below:

    1. From the standby screen, tap Menu
    2. Press Settings
    3. Press Connectivity
    4. Press Select USB Mode
    5. Press the desired USB Setting from the following:
      • Ask on Connection
      • Samsung PC Studio
      • Media Player
      • Mass Storage
    6. Press Save to keep the USB Mode setting

    Note: The Bluetooth feature must first be disabled before initiating a USB connection with the handset. Prior to connecting the USB cable to the handset, install the latest version of the Samsung PC Studio application. This application installs the necessary USB drivers onto your PC. For a free download of PC Studio, go to http://www.samsung.com/us/support.

    The handset's mass storage feature allows you to connect the USB data cable from the handset to a PC, manage files using Windows Explorer, and check the available memory information.

    The Windows Media Player Sync Music option allows the transfer of music files directly from a PC. In order to use this option, the PC must be loaded with Windows Media Player 10 or higher. To download Windows Media Player 10 or higher visit the following website: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/

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