How Do I Record Video With My AT&T SGH-A667 Evergreen Phone?

Shooting videos with the built-in camcorder is as simple as choosing a subject, pointing the lens, and pressing a button.

Record a Video

To record a video, follow the steps below:

  1. While in standby mode, press and Hold the Camera button , located on the lower right side, to activate the Camera
  2. Rotate the handset into Camera mode
  3. Verify the Camcorder icon  is shown on the top left corner of the display
    • To switch to Camcorder mode press the right soft key for Options
    • Highlight Camcorder, using the up or down navigation keys
    • Press the OK key to switch to Camcorder mode
  4. Adjust the brightness level, using the left and right navigation keys
  5. Zoom in or out, using the up and down volume keys
  6. Using the display as a viewfinder, press the Camera button to start recording
  7. Press the Camera button again to Stop recording
  8. Press the End key to return to the idle screen
  9. The Video is automatically saved in the Videos folder

Note the following:

  • Do not take videos of people without their permission
  • Do not take videos in places where camcorders are not allowed
  • Do not take videos in places where you may interfere with another person’s privacy

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