How Do I Disable Or Change The Camera/Camcorder Sounds On My SGH-a697 Phone?

Although the camera shutter sound can be changed or disabled, there are no configurable options available to enable, disable or change the camcorder sounds on the SGH-A697 (Sunburst) handset.

To change or disable the Camera Shutter Sound follow the steps below:

  1. From the standby screen, tap Menu
  2. Press Tools
  3. Tap Camera
  4. Verify the Camera icon  is shown on the top left corner of the display
    • To switch from Camcorder mode to Camera mode press the Camcorder icon  in the top left corner
    • Press on the Camera icon 
  5. Press the Camera Settings icon 
  6. Press the Camera Settings tab 
  7. Press the Shutter Sound down arrow
  8. Press the desired Shutter Sound setting from the following:
    • Shutter 1
    • Shutter 2
    • Shutter 3
    • Off
  9. Press OK, located in the bottom right corner, to save the Camera Shutter Sound setting

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