How Do I Insert Or Remove The Memory Card On My SGH-A887 (Solstice) Phone?

You can insert or remove a memory card for more storage.

Insert or Remove Memory Card

To insert/remove a memory card follow the steps below:

    1. Press and hold the END key  to turn off the phone (if turned on)
    2. Press down on the battery cover and slide it down (1) then pull the battery cover up and off (2), as shown below

    1. Lift the battery up then slide it away from the phone
    2. Gently insert a microSD memory card, gold contacts up, into the memory card slot  (To remove: Gently press in the memory card until it is partially ejected then carefully remove it from the memory card slot)
      • Caution: DO NOT force the card into the memory card slot, as this could damage the card and/or the handset.

Note: The memory card icon  is displayed at the top of the LCD when a memory card is inserted correctly.

    1. Align the battery tabs with the slots at the bottom of the phone (1)
    2. Press the battery down until it clicks into place (2) making sure the battery is properly installed

    1. With the battery in position on the phone, place battery cover back on the handset (1) then slide it up until it clicks (2)


Note: The battery must be properly installed before charging the battery or switching on the phone

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