How Do I Transfer MP3 Files To My SPH-M630 (HighNote) Phone?

The SPH-M630 (HighNote) offers several methods for having MP3 files transferred to it. Each method is detailed below.

  • USB Mass Storage
    1. Ensure that a memory card is present in the handset's memory card slot
    2. Connect one end of the USB data cable to the handset (as shown below) and the other end to an available USB slot on a PC or laptop
    3. From standby on the handset, press the Menu/OK key
    4. Select Tools (0)
    5. Select Mass Storage (6)
    6. Select Connect To PC (1)
    7. When the Removable Disk window pops up, select the Open Folder option and click OK
    8. Copy & paste or drag & drop MP3 files from other locations on your PCs hard drive to this window
    9. On the handset, press the right soft key for Disconnect
    10. Press the left soft key for Disconnect to confirm
  • E-mail
    1. From standby press the Menu/OK key
    2. Select Tools (0)
    3. Select Mass Storage (6)
    4. Select File Manager (2)
    5. Select Phone (1) or Memory Card (2)
    6. Highlight the desired MP3 file
    7. Press the right soft key for Options
    8. Select Send (1)
    9. Select Email (1)
    10. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Download

    MP3 files can also be Downloaded through the Sprint Music Store, a service offered through the Sprint network. Please contact Sprint for subscription information such a pricing and availability in your area as well as information on how to download the ringtones.

  • Windows Media Player

    The Windows Media™ Player Sync Music option allows the transfer of music files directly from a PC to the microSD memory card, located in the phone. Before connecting the phone & PC, the microSD memory card must be formatted by the phone to create the necessary folders.

    Note: The minimum size limit for the microSD memory card is 32MB. This phone does support the use of a microSDHC 16GB capacity memory card.

    In order to use the Sync Music option, the PC must be loaded with Windows Media Player 10 or higher. To download Windows Media Player 10 or higher visit the following website: .

    Note: If the Bluetooth feature is currently active on the phone, USB communication will not be available. To transfer files to your phone, turn off the Bluetooth functionality.


    To transfer MP3 files, using the Windows Media Player Sync Music option, follow the steps below:

    1. Open Windows Media Player 10 or higher then click on the Sync tab
    2. Plug the USB cable into both the phone & the PC
    3. If the Select USB Mode box appears on the phone display, select Mass Storage.
      Note: If the Select USB Mode box doesn't appear, change the USB setting to Media Player or Always Ask
    4. When successfully connected, the phone will show the connected icon  on the top right of the display
    5. Once the USB connection establishes, the phone displays "Connected" and the computer screen displays the SPH-M630 (HighNote) device
    6. From the Windows Media Player application Sync tab, ensure that the SPH-M630 (HighNote) device displays in the upper-right corner of the screen. If not, click on Next device until the SPH-M630 (HighNote) appears.
    7. Click on the Library plus sign (+) then click on Songs to display a list
    8. Add or Drag the MP3 file(s) from the library to the playlist or Sync List
    9. Select Start Sync to transfer the MP3 file(s) to the phone memory
  • Bluetooth from Another Phone

    On the Samsung phone

    1. Turn Bluetooth On
    2. Set the phone’s Bluetooth visibility to On

    On the phone with MP3 files

    1. While in standby mode, activate Bluetooth by turning it On
    2. Search for new Bluetooth devices
    3. Highlight the phone name SPH-M630 (HighNote), using the navigation keys
    4. Exchange the PIN Codes on both devices to pair the phones (the default code is “0000”)
    5. Browse for desired MP3 file(s)
    6. Transfer data from phone to phone
    7. Accept exchanging data

    Note: For information or assistance related to configuration, specifications and instructions of the Non-Samsung device please contact the manufacturer of said device.

  • PC via Bluetooth Adapter

    On the Samsung phone

    1. While in standby mode, turn Bluetooth On  
    2. Change the phone’s Bluetooth visibility to On

    On the PC

    1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the PC’s USB port
    2. Search for Bluetooth devices
    3. Select the device to pair with the PC
    4. Exchange PIN code(s) on both the PC & phone to pair devices (default pass code is “0000”)
    5. Using Windows explorer, locate desired MP3 file
    6. Right click on the MP3 file
    7. Select send to Bluetooth then select the phone

    On the Samsung phone

    1. Accept incoming data from the PC
  • Memory Card

    On the PC

    1. Insert the microSD memory card into the memory card adaptor
    2. Insert the memory card adaptor into the memory card reader
    3. Connect the memory card reader to the PC’s USB port
    4. Copy desired MP3 files from the PC hard drive
    5. Paste the MP3 files into the microSD memory card's Music
    6. Remove the microSD memory card from the memory card adaptor

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